X-Men Fan Art Team Sailor Moon Collaborates With Marvel’s Mutants

Sailor Moon and the X-Men were huge staples for the nerdy kids of the ’90s on Saturday morning, and artist Waldo Erby has finally surpassed them in great fan art.

Waldo Erby, a talented Twitter artist, created ’90s children’s imagination with a new piece of fan of art Imagine characters from sailor moon And X-Men They charge fiercely into battle together. Both properties started as cartoons and include a group of idealistic young men with fantastic powers who fight for peace and protect their loved ones, and their idealistic ’90s vibes truly make them the perfect blend of cross characters.

American versions of sailor moon TV show and X-Men: The Animated Series Both premiered in the early ’90s to the mid ’90s, and quickly became a staple of most children’s blocks of Saturday Morning Cartoon. While sailor moon I started a Japanese violin and X-Men Starting out as an American comedian, they both touched a similar place in kids’ hearts and minds in the ’90s, and it’s possible that if a kid was watching one, they were watching the other too. While sailor moon It has had many adaptations and revivals, X-Men It was recently announced that he is returning to Disney +.

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Now, a wonderful stylized art of Waldo Irby has been posted on his message Twitter And Tumblr, titled “Sailor Moon X” and showing the main characters from each heroic team battling some invisible foes, perfectly shows how those two teams would work. Great together in battle. Uses the wonderful Erby drawing oNortheast Lists Best X-Men Teams, which is most closely associated with the animated series of the 1990s, and consists of Cyclops, Jean Gray, Storm, Wolverine, and Rogue. Irby chose to include in his article Sailor Moon in addition to her teammates Sailor Mercury, an incredibly intelligent young woman whose strength is related to ice and water, and Sailor Jupiter, who is generally seen as the “muscle” of the team because she possesses superhuman strength and powers associated with both life Botanical and lightning.

Waldo Irby has made a lot of great creative choices in his admired artwork, namely putting Sailor Moon and Cyclops front and center as captains for each team, but especially his choice to pair up Storm and Sailor Jupiter. Both of these characters use lightning as one of their main abilities, and the art depicts Storm as Jupiter throws some lightning to use against their unknown enemy, a perfect collaboration between two creative heroines. While sailor moon LGBTQ+ Less than Cuteness Banned From its western broadcast, both sailor moon And X-Men: The Animated Series It was a wake-up call for many gay young men, and seeing these two iconic teams pair up will be a real treat for fans of the gay legendary superheroes. While Irby did not use an extension exactly X-Men costumes from X-Men: TAS, still a believer She was ’90s fitting, using Wolverine’s brown outfit from the X-Men arcade and portraying Jean Gray with her modern Russell Dauterman look clearly inspired by Jean’s ’90s look. With X-Men: The Animated Series It is restarted in the near future, and sailor moon After going through back with release sailor moon crystal In the middle of 2010, this was honestly the perfect time to release such a wonderful piece of fan art.

Waldo Erby fan of art from sailor moon and the X-Men Working as a team to take down an unknown is not only wonderfully illustrated, but also fuels straightforward nostalgia for ’90s kids, so be sure to check out his Twitter to see more of his awesome work!

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source: Waldo Erby

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