This is how Merlin from Bala lost 10 kilos in two months

When Merlin vowed to reduce her weight and belly fat, her husband rejected the order, calling it another unfulfilled promise. However, it came as a surprise when Merlin reduced his healthy weight in just two months. Merlin, who lives in Washington, DC, remembers her weight loss journey and shares her unique lifestyle and diet. Merlin grew up from Pala in Kottayam, and settled in the United States with her husband and three children. She works as a Quality Assurance Manager for a prominent IT company there.

sweet double
Merlin admitted that sweets were her weak point. You will never get bored of overeating sugary sweets. Other than taking a walk now and then, she never bothered to exercise or had an exercise routine. Besides, three C-sections resulted in a large, flabby belly. Although she had tried to lose weight in the past, Merlin gave up on it because she thought it was a difficult task. However, this time around, she was determined and promised herself to lose weight and reduce belly fat in a healthy way.


Reduce belly fat
Merlin’s biggest desire was to reduce belly fat, which had become 104 cm. She joined our online fitness and fat loss group to get the right guidance and training. Although she was excited to join the group, she wasn’t sure if she would continue with the exercises and diet. “With each passing day, I had a feeling that things could work for me this time. They gave me the right instructions about diet and exercise. Earlier, I had no idea what calories were in the food I ate or what kind of exercise I should be doing. On top of that, I didn’t know I had to do specific exercises for every part of the body in order to trim. I was really glad I was able to contact my trainer online at any time,” says Merlin.

Surprising results
Merlin weighed 66.5 kilograms and had a belly circumference of 104 centimeters when she joined the fat loss group. In just two months I managed to lose 9.5 kilograms and reached the ideal weight of 57 kilograms. Meanwhile, her stomach has decreased to 84 centimeters. Merlin says her husband and children were surprised by her amazing transformation. They hardly expected her to keep her promise this time, because they often warned her not to put on too much body weight. She is happy that HIIT and resistance exercises have proven effective for her. Most importantly, Merlin was inspired by the incredible support and encouragement of her husband and children.

Diet and exercise
Merlin checked her weight just two months after starting the diet and exercise program. Meanwhile, her husband and colleagues have hinted that they can see the changes. However, Merlin did not bother to check her weight or measure the circumference of her abdomen. I was surprised to realize that she had lost almost 10 kilos in just two months. Her initial hesitation gave way to confidence and determination. Now, Merlin is brimming with positive energy and excitement.

Health problems
Merlin says she decided to lose weight when she was diagnosed with certain health problems. She discovered that her blood pressure levels were severe. Since she did not want to start treatment for life, Merlin decided to try weight loss as a last resort. With the weight loss, her blood pressure also became normal. “We often enjoy kayaking and biking tours as a family activity. I was worried that I would lose these things if my weight kept going up. I thought the difficulty I felt while cycling was kind of a warning. I couldn’t imagine stopping these activities that I enjoy with My family. So, the only way was to lose weight. Success came my way when I was determined to work hard. Most importantly, I feel younger and confident when I dress up as a 10 or 15-year-old,” Merlin smiles.