The exact number of minutes you should do daily tasks, from lunch breaks to working out

Watching the clock may not sound romantic, but there is the perfect amount of time for everything in life – sex included.

Yesterday we revealed that a study conducted by the University of Cambridge found Seven hours of sleep is the perfect amount Need to feel energized and ready for the day ahead.

A new study reveals how long you should spend doing daily tasks


A new study reveals how long you should spend doing daily taskscredit: scientific

But how much time should we spend on other tasks, such as exercising and eating?

Hayley Minn reveals the schedule you must stick to if you want to do everything right around the clock.

Going on vacation: 8 days

We all yearn for a never-ending vacation, but it seems like that would be far from perfect.

A study by the University of Tampere in Finland suggests that eight days is ideal for maximizing relaxation and happiness away from everyday life, without feeling bored or homesick.

Exercise: 21 minutes

Short workout periods of around 20 minutes can be very effective


Short workout periods of around 20 minutes can be very effectivecredit: scientific

It’s not always easy to motivate ourselves to do some exercise – but experts at Public Health England advise that we get at least 150 minutes a week.

The total daily exercise should be 21 minutes, and this can be anything from a simple walk to a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout in the gym.

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Lunch break: 2 hours

If you get a two-hour lunch break, the county will be lucky


If you get a two-hour lunch break, the county will be luckycredit: scientific

Workers here have the right to one continuous break of 20 minutes during their day, if they are on a shift of more than six hours a day.

While some lucky ones are given up to an hour, this still seems to be not enough.

The human brain operates in short bursts of highly efficient production, and a long break helps this process, says neuroscientist Josh Davis.

He said, “After a break you get a period of great mental energy. You can have a great two hours of work.”

Watching a movie: 2 hours

Hollywood movies seem to go on, with The Batman, No Time To Die, and Dune running for only three hours — making us desperate for a bathroom.

But YouGov research reveals that 55 percent of us think the ideal length of a movie is two hours, with a most common running time between one and a half and two hours.

Average movie length is 131 minutes.

Take a shower: 10 minutes

About 10 minutes is all you need for a good shower


About 10 minutes is all you need for a good showercredit: scientific

It’s super easy to slip into the shower and stay in until you’ve fully sweated. . . And ready for another bath.

However, a study published in the medical journal Sleep Medicine Reviews revealed that just ten minutes spent lying in the tub is just enough time to reap the sleep-promoting benefits of a good soak.

First date: 57 minutes

The first date doesn't need to last more than an hour


The first date doesn’t need to last more than an hourcredit: scientific

It takes the IT department less than an hour just to get to know someone on a first date and decide if there will be a second.

According to Cosmopolitan mag: “57 minutes is perfect for one round of drinks, one cup of coffee and seeing if you have any sisters or not.”

Saying you’re too busy to date is no excuse anymore!

Have sex: 7-13 minutes

Sex should last less than 15 minutes, experts say


Sex should last less than 15 minutes, experts saycredit: Getty

We were led to believe that the best sex should last for hours upon hours, yet it should last less than 15 minutes.

Penn State University in the US believes that the hack should last between seven and 13 minutes.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine wrote: “We hope to dispel such fantasies and encourage men and women with factual statements about acceptable sexual intercourse, thus preventing disappointments and sexual dysfunctions.”

Watching TV: 2 hours

Spending too much time watching TV can be bad for you


Spending too much time watching TV can be bad for youcredit: scientific

There’s always something on the box to keep us entertained, but keep in mind that binge-watching.

Watching more than two hours of TV has been linked to health problems.

A 12-year study by Biobank, a health research project, found that those who watched less than two hours of their favorite TV shows each day had the lowest overall health risks.

Hug your kids: 20 seconds

A mother’s or father’s cuddle seems to make everything better, even when you’re an adult, but only 20 seconds is the perfect time to cuddle with the little ones.

Scientists from Japan’s Toho University have found that holding hugs for longer can be annoying for children.

“It was nearly impossible to avoid the infant’s bad mood within a minute or longer hug,” their study said.

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Work: 52 minutes

Most people don’t have the luxury of deciding how long they will have to work, but if you do, the ideal time to focus more effectively is 52 minutes.

Then, if you take a 17-minute break, your productivity will run out, according to the time-tracking app DeskTime.