The best Metal Gear games, ranked

metal equipment It is without a doubt one of the greatest video game franchises of all time. The series’ tactical espionage action harmonizes beautifully with Hideo Kojima’s utterly crazy yet poignant, honest, socially relevant and soundly-themed story. Solid Snake carries the franchise on its back, each narrative or thematic arc connected to the story he began when conquering outer heaven in metal equipment for MSX.

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So he said, metal equipment It is a privilege greater than the sum of all its parts. Some games are actually masterpieces in the middle, while others leave a lot to be desired at times. in depth, metal equipment It’s an inconsistent franchise, but here are their best outings.

Update May 14, 2022 by Tom Bowen: Given that Kojima and Konami aren’t likely to kiss and kiss anytime soon, the future of the Metal Gear series is still in limbo. For many, a Metal Gear game without Kojima wouldn’t be Metal Gear, while others wonder who, if anyone, could take over even if Konami chose to develop a new game without him. With that in mind, fans of the series and those looking to find out what all the fuss is about will likely settle for a reboot of some old Metal Gear games, of which there are plenty. For those who don’t have time to play through them all, these are the best Metal Gear games released since the series debuted in 1987.

Today’s video games

Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (or Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions As it was known in PAL regions) it was a sub-game that was an expansion of sorts into the first hard lime metal The game is on PlayStation 1. As the name might suggest, the game features a series of special VR missions, each of which Puts a lot of emphasis on stealth.

Grant How important is invisibility to metal equipment a seriesThe ability to hone one’s skills across a variety of scenarios has done well with many fans of the series. Sadly, there’s no story to talk about, but with 300 unique missions, it should be able to keep players busy for quite some time. It’s worth noting that some of the later challenges can be very challenging for those who don’t have the DNA of a Big Boss.

Raiden wasn’t very popular when he debuted Metal Gear Solid 2But his attitudes eased over the years. Where once seen as a poor man the hard serpent, together, time, and its occasional game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengehelped give series fans a better understanding and appreciation of the series Ninja Badass Cyborg.

Revenge It can be a bit divisive, because it is so different from the standard metal equipment Game. For those who enjoy good bonding Hack and slash adventure games Although it offers a wonderful experience located in the depths metal equipment being. Sadly, although both PlatinumGames and Kojima are open to making a sequel, it appears that a conflict between the influential Japanese developer and Konami has thrown a wrench in the works.

Of all the semi-canonical/uncanonical games, portable operations Stand out on something from the pedestal. Not in any way he speaks of its quality, but of canonism. Its marketing strongly stated that it was a legal entry prior to Kojima’s recreation Protesters for peace. It looks, feels, and looks like hard lime metalbut to the extreme.

The game greatly elevates themes and moments from MGS1 And 3Twist it up so it’s amusing enough to play a second time, but totally completely derivative. portable operations He has a few good ideas of his own (although they are all mostly good) and instead is starkly departing from his better predecessors. It’s a painfully derived feeling when it’s all said and done.

Metal Gear Solid 2Tanker mission is considered by many as the highlight of the game, if not, its better half in terms of level design. It is a mechanical Snake arena while also succeeding in unleashing an amazing story.

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many zeros Wants to have it for the Phantom pain, But many zeros Failure. Terribly overpriced at launch, many zerosÔÇťOmega Camp is an amazing battlefield and a crowd TPP Frighteningly cool, but too short. Everything is trapped in one moment. There are no rhythms, and not much narration. If nothing else, the feeling of lack of focus makes the gameplay very compelling from moment to moment.

the original metal equipment It is equal parts impressive and unimpressive. from direction Kojima manages to make stealth gameplay work on an 8-bit consoleMechanically and by design. metal equipment Fun, responsive and utterly tense. On the other hand, the difficulty curve is sloppy and the story is a bit bland.

The latter which shouldn’t actually be treated as a major flaw as this was the series displaying her skeleton. Metal Gear 2 He will embody everything at once. However, the difficulty curve makes the game frustrating at times. at least, metal equipment It is a charming game.

It’s almost crazy how much the quality has gone down Patriots rifles he is from eat snakes. The series was accelerating at an incredibly fast pace and lost all of its momentum in its last chapter. that it A deliberate decision by Kojima Almost impressive in some ways, but still a disappointing ending.

Metal Gear Solid 4 It brings the series to its overtly objective conclusion but struggles with gameplay and story. The first with great fireworks and level design, but hardly any opportunities to get immersed. The latter is chaotically pacing and muddled beyond belief, leading to a strange conclusion that seems too sentimental for its own good.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain It is a complex game with a more complex twist. On a design level only, the game probably offers a lot of pitch, resulting in a main game that never manages to find a way to stand out in terms of setting. The mechanics are fun, but the story is boring and the level design is surprisingly backwards.

However, the gameplay is really great and stealth in games has never been better. Her story isn’t as bad as it might seem on the surface. the Phantom pain It contains rich themes that relate to the roots of the franchise. It is a game that looks into the past in a subtle way.

Basically hard lime metal And monster hunterbaby love, Protesters for peace It’s a great little game that rarely gets the recognition it deserves. While both are derived from both eat snakes And portable operationsAnd Protesters for peace It has a surprisingly good plot, a charming scenario, and a very enjoyable atmosphere compared to other games.

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Protesters for peace indulge in metal equipmentFoolish traits. Some may find them counterfeit, but there is value there. And most importantly, all this leads to more gameplay moments. Protesters for peace It is a very fun game to sit and play in a way that other games do not.

4 solid live

jump from metal equipment to Metal Gear 2: Steel Snake Honestly unbelievable. One of the greatest 8-bit games ever (and obviously the best MSX game,) Metal Gear 2: Steel Snake where hard lime metal He gets his best qualities. At this point, Kojima has created a battlefield with history, 3D characters, and killer gameplay.

the first hard lime metal Takes a lot of the best set pieces from Metal Gear 2: Steel Snake. It could be argued which game brought out the concepts best, but Metal Gear 2 Throws in a show-stopping fight metal equipment in 2D. Despite its non-canonical status, Ghost of Babylon It is just as good, if not better.

The franchise’s favorite game if nothing else, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater It is a great game with some flaws. The Camo system is conceptually interesting, but sometimes boring; The forest is sometimes unfocused, and Volgin is probably one-dimensional. However, it is really cool.

Both the story and the gameplay support the game to legendary heights. Groznyj Grad is the best area in the entire series, offering incredible stealth opportunities at every turn. It is also the most emotional MGS A game, really diving into its characters in an intimate way. eat snakes unique.

the original hard lime metal Do not forget. Even with the PS1’s bloated graphics, frankly because of it, hard lime metal She still looks beautiful to this day. It has the best screenplay of the series, its best performances, and the best cinematography. you can say. Both MGS2 And MGS3 Give her a serious run for her money.

Shadow Moses, if a bit short and bouncy at the end, is a defining piece of video game level design, and offers some very interesting moment-to-moment gameplay. The story itself is also incredibly fun, rendering as an incredibly good action movie at times. There is so much to love MGS1.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Freedom It is one of the greatest video games ever. She told a related story long before her time, foretelling the trajectory of the information age, while also unpacking what it means. sons of freedom to be a supplement.

hard lime metal 2 Thought-provoking from start to finish, it’s a challenge metal equipmentBasic topics. It was Kojima’s obvious end to the series and it shows. Everything is resolved even if the conclusions are painfully out of sight. This means nothing about the Big Shell. It might not be very interesting visually, but it offers the best overall gameplay in the franchise.

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