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It’s Wednesday, May 11, also known as the start of GooglePalooza, which the company insists on referring to as much less entertaining.”Google I/O 2022. The GoogleCrunch team has prepared a set of stories about Google’s hardware and software suite, including the Pixel Watch, the Pixel 6A – teasers for the Pixel 7 – and a new tablet. All the details are below in the Big Tech section. Christine And pilgrim

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  • ‘stable’ currency: Jacqueline It has all the details about the dramatic decline of Terra USD, a “stable currency” known as UST, and its founder’s plans to avoid the collapse of terrestrial treasuries. then jackie Collect the ideas of participants in the crypto market About what the treasury collapse means for the broader crypto and other stablecoins market.
  • Events keep coming for cryptocurrency: I’m just kidding; Coinbase’s first-quarter results not only drive down its stock price, but also inform us that the number of users transacting per month is expected to continue to decline. What does this mean for cryptocurrencies? Well, you may have to weather the storm for a while. To make matters worse, Coinbase revealed it had to stop trading in India After some pressure from the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Airbnb plans a hot home summer: Like Jordan Reports in a pair of very interesting stories today – including a Q&A with Brian Chesky, who believes “A new era of travel is about to begin— The company is outfitting its beach dock for summer with some new features, a category search, the ability to book two menus in one flow for stays longer than a week, and AirCover travel insurance for guests.

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Few things are on our minds as widely as Tiger Global – the company has taken a big hit 17 billion dollars in losses. cosmic Reports have Drain most of the latest venture capital funds. Yikes.

As tech reporters, we love the rapid rise and happily notice the occasional unplanned decline of the startups we cover. Natasha And Alex We mentioned on today’s episode of the Equity podcast that while the founders couldn’t have seen a pandemic coming, they should have been better prepared for the world to return to any “normal” way. Or as they put it: Layoffs happen to people, not companies.

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Finding Your Startup Rating: 5 Factors to Consider

6-sided dice showing the number 5 on an old wooden table

Image credits: Aviye Zias Photography (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images (Image modified)

In her latest column at TC+, angel investor Marjorie Radlow-Zande addresses a question on every founder’s mind these days: What’s my current rating?

For early-stage startups, finding this number takes more art than science, since companies that have made money are still collecting data and adjusting their products.

“Many traditional valuation methods, such as discounted cash flow, are not useful for valuing early-stage startups,” she wrote. “This means that investors have to measure other factors that are not easily quantifiable.”

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