Southern Hills Pro dishes out at Tiger Woods’ practice round before the PGA Championship in Tulsa

Carrie Cosby’s phone hasn’t stopped blasting.

That came as no surprise after the golf manager at the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Thursday, spent the cans Tiger Woods during his training tour for the PGA Championship.

Cosby noted that he dropped a towel on the first hole and forgot to set fire to a bunker in the third while talking to Rob McNamara, the Tigers’ right-hand man, who joined Tiger on the round and had Cosby’s 13-year-old son Banks in his bag.

“I thought I would be sent off from four points,” he said.

Speaking about a “new breed of golf” with Michael Breed on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, Cosby recounted receiving a call from the US PGA informing him of Tiger’s impending visit and being told “You can’t tell anyone.” He described Tiger’s visit as similar to the Beatles’ appearance at his club.

“It’s amazing what he has to deal with on a daily basis,” Cosby said. “He came through the gate. He didn’t even come to the club because he knew what he was going to have to deal with and went straight to the range. They texted, ‘Hey, we’re on a tee.’ I’ll meet you on the first tee. And of course our club is open so we probably had 20 people, the patio, the golf shop right from the first tee. So there were probably 20 members who snuck in there to watch it. Not looking, he hit his shot. The second hole, there is a helicopter. The fourth hole, there are 50 to 70 people on the hill overlooking that hole. By the time we got to six, there were 30-40 people in the trees across the street with TV cameras, phones, pictures, and [saying] We love you, Tiger. Go get it, Tiger. Great shot, tiger. Just awesome.”

Cosby, 2016 PGA Pro of the Year and son of Jerry, a club pro in his own right and Father of the Year at Golfweek, has been the golf manager at Southern Hills since 2015. Participate in the 2021 Senior PGA Championship He knows a thing or two about the golf swing. He had this review of the tiger swing from a closer look.

“Every piece of it is very simple,” Cosby said. “He never swung anything out of perfect cadence. So he never came out of fire. Some things I just noticed, like his grip is perfect. It’s just perfect. And he never missed a single shot anywhere near the inch remaining from where he was looking.” If he missed it, just hung a little to the right. I went through every shot, as you might imagine, last night just thinking about it. And he was, if he missed, he hung a little right. Or he mistook the wind. It was a storm yesterday. And I think he took one shot It was heavy and Rob said, “The wind got that.” He said, ‘No, it hit [inaudible] They shot with a six iron instead. This was the only shot that wasn’t just on the button. And watching him walk around the greens, I can tell you this, I was so nervous holding the paddle.”

When asked by Breed about Tiger’s stamina and ability to handle walking in the Southern Hills, Cozby said, “His gait is obviously always, I think, different. He walks very cautiously or somewhat like he prefers, but, and may have looked like , late in the round [was] It hurts, but he didn’t say a word. Of course, he didn’t complain about any of that. I think he came back from Augusta and he evaluated it and knew what he was dealing with and got back to work based on what he’s known about him over the past twenty-five years. And I think he’s, I mean, he’s going to be fine and hit it really well. And he does it all, chopping it up and laying it down incredibly well. Just a pleasure to watch. He forgot his sand wedge, so he had 60. He left it in the backyard as he said.”

When they reached the age of 18, Cosby estimated that over 100 members had seen him on the hillside.

“Looks like the Beatles were here when we came out at 18,” Cosby said.

Tiger signed a ball and glove for Banks, but got off before Cozby asked for a photo. McNamara said they’ll put one together in May when Tiger returns for the Championship – is that a confirmation he’s playing? – But Cosby won’t lack a souvenir from his experience.

“300 people sent me a picture,” he said.


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