Somnium Files – nirvanA detailing new characters, investigation elements, and story parts

Spike Chunsoft today released the latest details on AI: the Somnium Files – nirvanA initiative that covers new characters, new investigative elements, and a story drawn from past and current perspectives. Details and screenshots cover it all.

A story in which the present intersects with the past. A story told from two angles.

The story begins with the discovery of the left half of the body of a victim in a series of half-body murders that took place six years ago. Even more surprisingly, the body shows no sign of decomposition. Mizuki seeks the help of Ryuki, an agent who was once assigned to the serial killings.

Mizuki’s Story: Present

This story is told from the perspective of Mizuki, the newly appointed ABIS Agent. Guided by a mysterious message that discovers the left half of the body. In order to solve the case, she searches for Ryuki.

Ryoki’s Story: The Past

Here we see the story of the half-body serial murder from Ryuki’s perspective. The investigation begins when the right half of the body suddenly appears in the studio during a game show. Mizuki also appears here as a 12-year-old girl.

New investigation elements

The game consists of two parts: Investigation and Somnium. During the investigation, the story unfolds as players navigate the real world, examining crime scenes and interviewing suspects and witnesses. The goal here is to gather information and gather evidence.

The main protagonists Mizuki and Ryoki have a prosthetic in their left eye. This prosthetic limb or ‘AI ball’ is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, as well as visual functions such as x-rays, thermal imaging and night vision that can help them detect clues. Mizuki and Ryuki used the AI ​​ball to see beyond a wall or inside a closed box, and even changes in body temperature; Something that is not possible with the naked eye. For the sequel, new AI-Ball functions include “Wink Psync”, “Virtual Reality” and “Reality Reenactment”.

Psync . wink

When the conversation yields few results, Wink Psync allows agents to easily read other people’s thoughts. Wink Psync displays powerful memories as dreams to expose the lies and fears of other parties.

Virtual Reality

With virtual reality, agents use a recreated virtual space to collect clues. The virtual space includes information scanned from X-rays and thermal imaging. By switching modes, special views can be applied to an entire area of ​​​​the investigation. Using virtual reality also involves solving puzzles or symbols placed in the scene.

Reenact the truth

When enough evidence is collected in VR, the game moves to Truth Reenactment. While reviewing the flow of the incident, clues are applied to the questions that have emerged to clarify the truth. If the truth is revealed without contradiction, customers will be able to see a visual re-enactment of the incident.

The return of the iris and the introduction of new characters

Virginia: Jackie Lastra
Japanese Virginia: Nao Shiraki
Internet idol
The internet idol is affiliated with the talent agency Lemniscate. Her idol name is A-set, but her fans call her Tesa. She loves mysterious and urban legends. Iris is a student at Sekiba High School and a member of the dance club.

Iris and Mizuki were in the studio when the right half of the body suddenly appeared during the webcast of a game show.

Virginia: Brent Mokai
Japanese Virginia: Shinobu Matsumoto
“Quiz King” formerly turned comedian. His stage name is Andes Komeji. He has appeared in some TV shows but has not been very successful.

He was the host of the game program when the right half of the body suddenly appeared in the studio during the webcast. The appearance of the half-body marked the beginning of the half-body serial murder case.

Virginia: Amalie
Japanese Virginia: Amiri Soyama
Sekiba High Senior
The daughter of the Uber-rich Shida family. A senior at Sekiba High, she is a member of the same dance club as Iris: she’s won a competition before. Kizuna are good friends with Iris. Through Eris she is also a friend of Mizuki’s.

Take a look at screenshots showing the new characters, investigation elements, and dual perspectives below.

AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative for Switch launches June 24, 2022 in North America and Europe.