‘SNL’: Steve Martin Makes Fart Jokes With Selena Gomez

Arconia hit 30 Rock on Saturday, crashing Steve Martin Selena Gomez‘s “Saturday Night LiveHosting for the first time.

In a sketch where Selena Gomez played the host of a TV show about notable inventions in history, the five-time SNL host and co-star of Gomez’s “Only Murders in the Building” appears as Archie Gizmo’s “gag inventor.” He talks to the camera about starting his career prototyping whoopee cushion.

“I knew it was going to be funny for your boss to sit down and make a sound off his ass. But I couldn’t tell the noise. I couldn’t break it – but then I met Ha.”

Eddie Bryant appeared in the 1960s flashback, smiling, dancing and farting. “Miss Dina Bynes,” Martin said. I saw her from afar. Its energy was magnetic. Her eyes were endless. And every time I sat down: gassy.”

“I realized that night: The funniest noise that can come from an ass is a fart,” Gomez said. Martin went on to recount how he fell in love with Dina, as well as her misfortune.

When Bryant opened a can of peanuts and four live snakes appeared, Martin had the idea of ​​prank cans with fake snakes in it. When lightning struck her while shaking hands with someone, a hand bell was invented, etc.

“The greatest gag I ever took was marrying a man like me,” said Martin, reaching out to shake his wife’s hand—I love you, Dina Beans—with a bell hidden in his palm.

In her monologue, Gomez cracked jokes about her age difference by co-starring in “Only Building Murder.”

“It was an honor to work with Steve Martin and Martin Short, especially after I Googled them to see who they were. I remember telling my girlfriend that I was on a show called Only Murders, and she said, ‘Sounds exciting. Any hot co-stars? And I was like, “It depends. Do you like the banjo?”

The first season of “Only Murders in the Building” premiered on Hulu in August 2021 and the second season premiered in June. The series follows Mabel Moura (Gomez), Charles Haden Savage (Martin) and Oliver Putnam (Short), three neighbors from New York who team up to solve the murder of childhood friend Mabel and fellow renter in Arkonia Tim Kono (Justin Sehee) while documenting their progress in a podcast.

The court battle of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was the center of the cold conquest.

Kyle Mooney played Depp, who claimed in real life that Amber Heard once left a “fecal birth” on her bed out of anger.

When providing a video of Depp’s property manager (Kenan Thompson) finding a “dookie,” Heidi Gardner, who plays Heard’s attorney, noted that the video would not be evidence that the droppings came from a human — as Heard claims it came from the couple’s dogs.

“That’s right, but I’ll let it go, because it really sounds fun. And this experiment is for fun!” exclaimed Cecily Strong, playing the judge.

I think I’ve seen enough. This trial has given me a lot to think about. On the one hand, I believe Mr. Depp’s story. But on the other hand, your constant little smile lets me know This isn’t the first woman you’ve pissed off so much that she shit in your bed.”

“I guess it’s common knowledge that I was a complete nightmare,” Mooney replied with a smile.

In another sketch, the actors mocked the recent leak of photos and videos from the Broadway play “Take Me Out”, in which Jesse Williams appeared completely nude.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first preview of ‘A Storm Inside’ by acclaimed Irish playwright Rory McFadden. And I’m sure you realize, there’s a penis in the show,” said Thompson. Adequate. If you spread it, you’ll lose your penis.”

Gomez’s episode was shared with a guest musician Post Malone, who also debuted on SNL. For his first performance, he brought in Roddy Rich as a guest for their song “Cooped Up”. His second performance marked the Fleet Foxes for their “A Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” collaboration, which is featured on the rapper’s upcoming album “Twelve Carat Toothache,” which will be released on June 3 via Mercury Records and Republic Records.

Post Malone also appeared in a sketch where he and Bunky Johnson played “Hunch” Chris Reed and Gomez, respectively, who played a suspicious couple about being cheated on.

The next episode of “Saturday Night Live,” which airs on May 21, will be the final episode of season 47. Natasha Lyonne will be co-host for the first time alongside Japanese musical guest Breakfast. Previous hosts of Season 47 have included Lizzo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jerrod Carmichael, Zoe Kravitz, Oscar Isaac, John Mulaney, Willem Dafoe and Will Forte.