Roccat Burst Pro Air review: More than just a beautiful light show

Burst Pro Black RGB On Stand

Rockat Burst Pro Air

MSRP $100.00

“The Roccat Burst Pro Air is as great to use as it is to look.”


  • Tons of RGB

  • Good battery life considering tons of RGB

  • Phantom Flex cable is high quality

  • Heat-treated PTFE feet glide on easily

  • Excellent optical switches


  • Lower DPI and poll rate than its competitors

  • May be a bit heavy for some

Finding Best gaming mouse In 2022, it’s easier said than done — especially if you’re looking at the Razer and Logitech options that seem to consistently top the charts. However, Roccat has skated to bring out one of the brightest new mice this year, the Brest Pro Air.

The new Roccat Burst Pro Air’s name may be misleading given its 81g weight, but the internals make up for it. The Burst Pro Air features a DPI rating of 19,000, wireless connectivity via 2.4GHz or Bluetooth, up to 100 hours of battery life, a water- and dust-resistant housing, light switches, a detachable Phantom Flex cable, and heat-treated PTFE feet. For $100, that’s a lot of mouse.

design and comfort

Arugula Blast Pro out of the box.

When I received the Roccat Burst Pro Air, the first thing that stood out to me was its semi-transparent design, which shines brightly on the black or white version. The Pro Air features a “electronic shell” that diffuses RGB while sealing the mouse tight enough to keep out water and dust. Having RGB on the mouse is pretty pointless since your hand covers it during use, but that’s not necessarily the case here.

The mouse has four RGB zones, one under the top shell, one on the left and right buttons, and the last in between, which lights up the scroll wheel. I grabbed the mouse with my palm grip, and the RGB lights under the buttons were still able to shine through from under my fingers. It’s very elegant, especially compared to some mice that hide their flashing lights under the palm of your hand, like Alienware Tri-Mode Wireless gaming mouse.

The red, green, and blue colors on the left and right mouse buttons are shining from under my fingers.

The semi-transparent design continues under the mouse, allowing RGB to shine through from almost all angles. You’ll find two switches under the mouse: one that allows you to switch between wired, Bluetooth, or 2.4GHz wireless (assuming you’re using the included USB-A dongle). However, if you decide to use standard Bluetooth, or the included Phantom Flex cable, the dongle can be stored under the mouse, which is a feature I like to see.

While I chose to use the 2.4GHz mode, the included Phantom Flex cable is without a doubt the best USB-C cable I’ve ever received with any peripheral. The Phantom Flex cable is braided with the awesome Roccat Paracord, which has enough weight and flexibility to prevent your mouse from tripping over your desk without being too heavy.

Phantom flex cables on my dresser.

Roccat could just slap on some standard PTFE feet like some of the other companies, which would have done the job, but didn’t. Instead, Roccat has included heat-treated PTFE feet that feel chipped. I ran a sliding test on my NovelKeys desk mat to see how the Bust Pro Air would perform against a Logitech G Pro Wireless with Hyperglide skate, and the results were practically the same. So, the Burst Pro Air skates are good right out of the box, which says a lot about the skates below because they’re not the lightest at 81 grams.

On the left side of the mouse are the usual forward and back buttons, however, these are larger than usual. To be honest, I didn’t realize the size of the side buttons on this mouse until I took a deeper look at its design.

Sensors and switches

Owl eye sensor and ptfe feet.

There is a lot in the Roccat Burst Pro Air If we are talking about the interior, let’s start.

The keys inside Burst Pro Air are TTC . glasses, or as Roccat calls them, “Titan Keys”. TTC is a very popular switch manufacturer for mechanical keyboards, I didn’t even know the company made switches for mice. The process in which Titan switches operate is like any other light switch: a beam of light is projected from one side of the switch to the other when turned on, resulting in an almost instant response time.

Now, I’ve always found optical switches to be a kind of placebo in both mice and keyboards. Lots of people think otherwise.

According to Roccat, Titan optical switches are designed to prevent double taps and last up to 100 million clicks. While I haven’t clicked this mouse 100 million times (I don’t think I’ll ever do that in my life), TTC is an excellent switcher – so I’ll listen to Roccat’s word for it.

The switches surprised me, but the sensor didn’t.

Although the keys are optical, they still have some flexibility, and the quick response time makes this mouse even more desirable. The scroll wheel feels and works like any other cogwheel, but it’s a bit louder than other mice I’ve tried recently.

The switches surprised me, but the sensor didn’t. The Burst Pro Air uses Roccat’s Owl-Eye sensor, max 19,000 DPI and polling rate of 1,000 Hz.

Over the past year or so, big peripheral companies like Razer, for example, have released mice with very high polling rates. This is evident in the Razer Viper 8KHz, which has an 8000Hz polling rate and 20,000 DPI max. Did this bother me during use? No, however, the Owl-Eye technology is a bit outdated, especially for this price point.

Black and white arugula burst pro side by side.

While the Burst Pro Air sensor is short in some areas, it works with Nvidia Reflex, a feature that reduces system latency from every mouse click in GPU-intensive games like It is an electronic game. However, you can only use Reflex if your monitor has G-Sync, which is a bit unfortunate.

Battery life on the Burst Pro Air was really impressive, especially when you consider how much RGB this mouse has. According to Roccat, the battery life lasts 100 hours whether you decide to use the standard Bluetooth or the 2.4GHz wireless dongle. As if the Phantom Flex cable wasn’t good enough, just 10 minutes of charging is all it takes to give you an extra five hours of gaming.

gaming performance

Watercress Black Burst Pro Stand Air.

A friend of mine sent me a screenshot of him playing the original deathbut with ray tracing, and because Quake RTX برنامج It was so much fun, this should be too. death It was a solid choice when it came to testing this mouse because there is no automatic aiming, it’s very fast paced, and I haven’t played it in over a decade.

However, the Burst Pro Air slid easily, which allowed me to shoot targets with ease. where death It is a fast game, I needed to turn the DPI down, and set Burst Pro Air smoothly.

Overall, the Roccat Burst Pro Air is relatively simple – it doesn’t have too many or too few buttons. If I were to pick any particular games this mouse would be a good fit for, it would be something like Note and watchBecause of the bright colors and the amount of buttons. This is tricky, but it was nice to see the free spin feature on the scroll wheel, which is starting to appear on more mice. Since I only recommended this mouse for one game, I wouldn’t recommend it for something like Dota 2since the Burst Pro Air lacks the macro buttons on the side.

we took

For $100, the Roccat Burst Pro Air lags behind its competition in areas such as maximum DPI, weight and poll rates. However, I love this mouse. The RGB semi-transparent shell diffusers beautifully, the switches are made by a reputable company, and the Phantom Flex cable is top-notch.

Are there alternatives?

For $100, there are plenty of options, especially if you’re looking for better performance. The Razer Viper 8KHz Ultralight It retails for just $60, with a maximum DPI of 20,000 and a polling rate of 8000Hz. If you want to stick with Roccat, for $90, there’s KONE XPwhich has the same Titan keys, Phantom Flex cable, heat-treated PTFE feet, and scroll wheel featuring left and right lateral movement.

How long will it last?

The Roccat Burst Pro Air comes with a two-year warranty, and between TTC switches, a Phantom Flex cable, and a water- and dust-resistant housing, I’m confident this mouse will be operable for years.

Should you buy it?

Yes, without a doubt. The Roccat Burst Pro Air does just as good as it looks, and for $100, you can’t go wrong. The slower polling rate and heavier build didn’t bother me, but mouse fans tend to be very particular, especially when it comes to sensors.

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