Rising rap star Lil Kidd, considered one of his young protégés, dies at 24

The circumstances of the death of the rapper are unknown.

The brother of the rising hip-hop star Lil Kidd announced, in the early hours of Saturday morning, his death.

“I can’t believe I saw you die today brother, you did all my screams I know what you want me to do and it’s hard for Mama Daddy our brothers Naishore and White Boy,” rapper Lil Guette, Kid’s brother, books On his verified Instagram account.

Lil’ Kid, who was 24 years old, whose real name is Raged Jevon Render, has been appointed run out Saturday at the Daze in Blue Music Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The circumstances of his death are unclear.

ABC News has reached out to Render’s representatives, but has not received any comment.

Render, a native of Atlanta, rose to the spotlight with the record label Young Stoner Live, founded by rapper Jeffrey Lamar Williams, also known as “Young Thug.”

A lord of Young Thug, and a star on the Atlanta hip-hop scene, Render was featured as part of XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class in 2020 – the publication’s annual list of up-and-coming hip-hop artists making waves in the industry.

“I’m happy because this is the second year I’ve been trying to get this – and I’ve finally got it. So, I’m happy,” Tell XXL magazine at the time, reflects this honor. “I am a freshman student in 2020 XXL because I work hard. I work at work. I do what I have to do, I do what I need to do for my family [to] Make sure they take care of it.”

The rapper was the father of a little daughter named NayChur.

Her mom who goes with Quana Bands confirmed Rinder’s death on her Instagram account in multiple posts on Saturday.

“My man (Lil’ Kid) has so many fans so many supporters are beautiful women, real housewives, other American artists, and most importantly his family,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “Thanks for the condolences but we’re not okay. I’m not okay, my mind has honestly gone body numb and shaky.”

Render, who released his second studio album, Trapped on Cleveland 3, in 2020, has become a Billboard chart artist and has collaborated with hip-hop stars such as Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Future.

He told XXL Magazine in 2020. “I want to be a big star. I don’t want to be a star. I want to be a big star.” Do it as long as I stay committed to what I’m doing.”

The rising rapper’s death comes amid a difficult time for some individuals associated with the YSL label.

Once considered a mentor to Render, Williams was at the center of a legal firestorm after he and others associated with his group, YSL, They were among 28 people charged with gang-related matters on Monday as part of a 56-count indictment from the Atlanta District Attorney’s Office.

Render was not charged or named in the indictment. His attorney, Brian Steele, told ABC News Monday that Williams had “never committed any violation of the law.” “We will fight this case in an ethical, legal and zealous manner. Mr. Williams will be acquitted.”

The Atlanta District Attorney’s Office alleges that the Atlanta-based YSL is a gang that Williams founded in 2012, according to indictment documents obtained by ABC News. YSL is also the name of the fingerprint of the Render registry.

submit – make defend YSL earlier this week in its Instagram Stories, according to various hip-hop outlets.

“YSL is family. YSL is a brand. YSL is a lifestyle. YSL is a lifestyle. YSL is not a gang. YSL is not a criminal [organization]. YSL is not a street gang. YSL is not a mob,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.