Reserves give Reeve plenty to consider as she plans a Lynx roster

Over the course of the final 12 minutes, 43 seconds of Sunday’s pre-season finale at Target Center, the Lynx seat provided a massive boost, prompting a 19-point comeback down that helped beat the Las Vegas Aces 89-86 and give Cheryl Reeve plenty. to think about it.

Lynx coach and general manager Reeve said after her team — but most of the reserve are fighting to be part of the final roster later this week — finished the game 42-20. During the final at 12:43. Over the final 7:58 hour of the fourth quarter, with both teams playing backup, the lineup for Crystal Dangerfield, Yvonne Turner, Renea Davis, Hannah Servin (Rogers High School graduate) and Kayla Jones outperformed Vegas 28-11.

Davis finished with 13 points and 11 double rebounds. Turner scored 15 points – 13 in the fourth quarter – Servin scored eight and Dangerfield had six.

Lynx totaled 57 points, 24 rebounds, four steals, and 13 assists.

“I’m excited about them,” said Reeve. “You know, we don’t have any clear decisions across the board. Sylvia Fowles is safe. But, you know, we have some work to do on our list.”

A lot of work.

Lynx plans to go into the regular season with an 11-player roster, due to cap concerns. But when Lynx brings that roster to the league on Thursday, it will include Damiris Dantas, who is currently injured, Nafisa Collier, who is expecting her first child in late May, and Kayla McBride, who will likely miss at least the first two weeks of class.

Because of that, the WNBA will allow Lynx to sign replacement players in time for Opening Friday in Seattle. Due to league rules linking a substitute player to the currently unavailable player, Lynx will likely make a number of moves early in the season as players are either healthy or returning from overseas.

This means that a number of players who finished Sunday’s game well were fighting for very few points. But there are some opportunities, either on the initial roster of 11 players, or as a substitute.

“Now, it’s not like the second team is playing against their best players. But for me, it doesn’t matter. They play the way we want to play. With energy, consistency and the ability to push the pace. I have to make sure I have the right people on the ground,” Reeve said. To do that. ”

It was an undisguised indication of what the starting line-up – without Angel McQuatrie, who was suffering from a knee ache – wasn’t doing it. Reeve was unhappy with what she called selfish play. She said the Air Force (seven points, six transformations) suffered. Reeve was very unhappy with a general lack of ability to get the ball to Fowls at the post, especially with the inability to get the ball up high. “You keep throwing the ball at 6 feet, we’re starting to feel like we don’t have good enough people,” Reeve said. “And we will find people who are good enough to get them to play.”

But on the day I beat the Lynx starters 58-32, reserves made the difference.

“Very exciting,” said Turner, who scored 27 points in two pre-season games. Her athletic ability, along with Dangerfield below the stretch, have changed the rules of the game. “Coach Reeve stresses not to give up, and to play until the last minute.”

BOXSCORE: Lynx 89, Las Vegas 86

From 7:58 left until three Turners left with 1:03 left putting Lynx in second – 24-8 – Turner had 11, Dangerfield six and Davis five, including three pointers. In the final 10 minutes, Lynx shot 12 for 18 while holding Las Vegas to 3 for 9. They scored nine points on the second chance and turned seven Vegas turnovers into 13.

A group of five players, who probably competed with themselves for positions on the list – played together without selfishness.

“It meant a lot to me,” said Davis, who has missed all of her first year through injury.

Of the 11 pursued, five came at the end of the attack. She also has two thefts. After a disappointing pre-season game, Davis was energized.

“I just wanted to lock in, do the little things, defense, rebounds,” she said.

Sjerven was the top team plus-22, and Jones was there in plus-19.

All of which will make some decisions more difficult.