Report: Texans likely to explore adding 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo; Panthers are still an option

Kevin Jayraj USA Today Sports

Kevin Jayraj USA Today Sports

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, the Houston Texans and the Carolina Panthers may consider a move to the quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo Or Baker Mayfield.

“The Panthers and Seahawks have been in the mix at the veteran quarterback market all season,” Howe wrote. Texans are likely to explore their options with Garoppolo and MayfieldAccording to the source. Of course, it all still depends on the rest of the draft.”

The Panthers did not draft their quarterback in the first round and do not currently have a day two selection. The Texans have shipped Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns and Davis Mills is currently named their best quarterback. Panthers have Sam Darnold. Garoppolo will likely be an upgrade on both.

Pro Football Network’s Tony Bolin reports that 49 players are seeking a second-round pick for the veteran quarterback. While this would eliminate the Panthers in this draft (the 2023 pick remains an option), Texas has a second-round pick. It’s a high number, though, at 37th overall. They also own two third rounds (Nos 68 and 80).

Garoppolo had shoulder surgery on March 8 and is not expected to start shooting again until the end of June, at the earliest. This has reduced the value of foreign trade. Although a dry quarterback and a disappointing rookie quarterback might prompt a team – like the Texans or the Panthers – to risk or hope the 49ers’ asking price drops to a third-day pick.

“[The Panthers] He could try Mayfield or Garoppolo for a season before turning the focus on Bryce Young or another possibility in 2023,” Howe wrote. Mayfield and Garoppolo may not turn the Panthers into contenders but they would be a promotion, and they also gave coach Matt Rolle a better chance to prove himself after two rocky seasons.”

Or maybe everyone is waiting to see if the 49ers finally cut Garoppolo before the start of the season.

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