Pusha T’s ‘It’s Almost Dry’ debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Chart – Billboard

Pusha T His first album hit #1 on the Billboard 200 as semi dry It debuted at the top of the list dated May 7. It had 55,000 albums equivalent units in the United States in the week ending April 28, according to Luminate. Streaming activity made up 83% of the hip-hop album’s first week total.


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semi dry It is Pusha T’s fourth studio album and his third Top 10 on the Billboard 200, next Daytona (No. 3 in 2018) and my name is my name (No. 4 in 2013).

Also in the top ten, Jason Aldean He gets 10 of his top 10 attempts, like Georgia Bending at No. 8.

The Billboard 200 ranks the most popular albums of the week in the United States based on multimeter consumption as measured in album equivalent units, aggregated by Luminate. Units consist of album sales, tracking equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming albums equivalent (SEA). Each unit is equivalent to the sale of 1 album, 10 single tracks sold from an album, 3,750 ad-supported or 1,250 official/subscription on-demand sounds generated by songs from an album. The new chart will be published on May 7, 2022 in full at paintingOn May 3. For all the chart news, follow billboard and billboardcharts on Twitter and Instagram.

to semi dry55,000 equivalent album units were acquired, the SEA comprised 45,500 units (equivalent to 59.11 million official on-demand streams from the group’s 12 tracks), and album sales consisted of 9,000 units and included 500 TEA units.

Pusha T announce The album in early April, but he did not a statement The release date is until April 18, a few days before it was dropped on April 22. Shows the album from which the guest is switching clipsAnd Jay ZAnd Judy KidAnd LabrinthAnd Lil Uzi Vertslag nego Don TolliverAnd Pharrell Williams And you (Formerly known as Kanye West). The latter two were also the lead producers on the group, with Ye producing six tracks and Williams leading seven. (They share producer credit on “Rock n Roll” featuring Ye and Kid Cudi.)

semi dry He has a relatively short first album chart on the Billboard 200 – at least as of late. With only 12 tracks on standard broadcast and digital release, it is 2022’s second shortest #1 album in terms of number of tracks. Just stray kidsSeven path strange Effort had a shorter track list among the #1 albums this year. (strangeNo. 1 for the first time On the chart on April 2 it was largely boosted by CD album sales, while semi dry It was played over the stream, as most rap titles tend to be.) Before Stray Kids and Pusha T, the last #1 had 12 tracks or less. Adele‘s 30, which contains 12 songs in its standard version; This album spent six consecutive weeks at number one (December 4, 2021 to January 8, 2022 charts). 30 It was also available when released in a 15-track deluxe edition on the Target exclusive CD.

It was the last rap album to go to #1 on the Billboard 200 with 12 tracks or less J Cole12 tracks off seasonWhich for the first time At #1 on May 29, 2021, it charted 282,000 equivalent album units. Of this amount, SEA units consisted of 243,000 (equivalent to 325.05 million official on-demand streams of the album’s songs), album sales comprised 37,000 and TEA units consisted of 2,000.

while, semi dryThe total of 55,000 units initially is the lowest for a #1 album since then negation‘s Imagine It leaned in at number one on October 28, 2017, the chart about 100 units lower. semi dry It has the second lowest unit total of any #1 album in the past two years; The only younger week to take first place in that period came when it was your night 7220 It returned to number one for the second non-consecutive week, two weeks ago, on April 23, 2022, chart, with 47,000 units.

The No. 1 quartet formerly comes next on the Billboard 200, as Morgan Wallen‘s Dangerous: the double album immobile second place (51,000 album equivalent units; up 1%), night your turn‘s 7220 Constant in third place (39,000 units, down 9%), Olivia Rodrigo‘s sour rises 5-4 (36,000 units; above 1%) and incanto The soundtrack falls 4-5 (35,000 units; down 12%). doja cat‘s planet hey climbs 7-6 (just over 30,000 units; up 2%) and drakeRanked first in the chart Certified Boy Lover Dips 6-7 (nearly 30,000 units; up 1%).

Jason Aldean His tenth album totaled in the Top 10 charts on the Billboard 200 as Georgia It debuts at number 8. The group begins with 26,000 equivalent album units. Of this amount, album sales reached 13,000; The SEA consisted of 12,000 (equivalent to 15.4 million formal on-demand streams from the group’s fifteen paths) and the TEA consisted of 1,000. Georgia It is Aldean’s second two-part album project, which began with macon, released last year. The latter also appeared (and peaked) at number eight on the November 27, 2021 chart. Every Aldean chart album has been released since 2007 relentless It debuted in the top ten on the Billboard 200.

jonahformer boss DS4Ever It’s Not a No. 9 driver on the Billboard 200 (23,000 album equivalent units received; down 3%) and Lil BabyRanked first in the chart Cyclic Fixed at No. 10 (22,000 units; up 6%).

luminous, An independent data provider for Billboard charts, it completes a comprehensive, comprehensive review of all data submissions used to compile weekly chart rankings. Luminate reviews and certifies data, removing any suspicious or unverifiable activity using defined criteria before making and publishing the final scheme calculations. In partnership with Billboard, data deemed suspicious and unverifiable is eliminated before final calculation.