Mechanical touch therapy device promising for anxiety

The home probe device is a promising noninvasive treatment approach for anxiety disorders, results from an open-label pilot trial suggest. The small study showed that MATT users had improved anxiety and depression Symptoms, which correspond to positive changes in the activity of alpha and theta oscillations. Dr. Linda Carpenter “MATT is part of a significant … Read more

The digital sphere gives a face to artificial intelligence with “Zoey”, the most advanced independent human ever

Powered by machine learning, a realistic digital human can answer questions and imitate moods in real time; FMX Show running on Unreal Engine Digital Domain “Zoey” Independent human “Zoey” with the support of Amnesty International Stuttgart, Germany, May 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today at FMX, the Academy Award-winning VFX studio and leaders in digital … Read more

Nvidia GPUs Dominate Newegg Sales, Despite Higher Prices

Historically, Nvidia graphics cards, particularly of the popular RTX 30 series, have captured a much larger market share than AMD’s Radeon range. Oddly enough, even with GPU prices now approaching or falling below Suggested retail prices, along with the fact that Team Green cards are generally more expensive than Team Red boards in certain sectors, … Read more

Will Smith’s ‘Edit’ delayed after Oscar slap

do not expect “ReleaseFor the Oscar winner will Smith in 2022. Originally expected to fall on the fall festival circuit later this year, the actor’s next film appleCo-produced by production company Westbrook Studios, it plans to delay the release of the film until sometime in 2023. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day”), the film would … Read more

Childhood Home of Beastie Boy Mike D Lists $19.5 Million

Sadly, this is the rap of the Upper West Side house where one of the Beastie Boys spent his early years. A sprawling duplex in the famous El Dorado co-op at 300 Central Park West that was once the property of the late art collector Hester Diamond – The rapper’s mother Michael Diamondalso known as … Read more

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday! – slit

Free Comic Book Day Is this Saturday, which means you can watch the waltz Any participating store in Seattle (PhoenixAnd intruderAnd golden ageAnd angry old manAnd DreamstrandsAnd mysterious among the Seattle participants) and came out with a load of free books, no hunting, no strings attached. It is absolute theft!!! sponsored by But just as … Read more

$800,000 for skateboards: China’s Generation Z collectors flip the art market

Carson Jo was 17 years old and had a fondness for urban street fashion when he set out to join the major leagues of the art world. His father, an executive in a large Chinese conglomerate, had been collecting contemporary masters like Picasso – but the young Mr. Guo felt ready to raise the money … Read more

James Harden’s Pre-Contract: Everything you need to know about the Star Sixers guard deal and what it can do

James Harden It has been the focal point of the NBA’s biggest trade of the season each of the past two years. He and Philadelphia 76ers They now find themselves months away from a really great chapter; Harden has a profitable player option, and Daryl Morey has the opportunity to retool the franchise around pairing … Read more