Orioles lose to angels, 7-6; Ellis leaves with shoulder discomfort. Rutschman’s likely timeline

The club said Chris Ellis, who was added to the Orioles when John Maines went to the injured list, left Sunday’s game after facing five players with a right shoulder discomfort.

Ellis allowed one hit, walked three times and hit hit. All five runners scored. Travis Lakens relieved Ellis and allowed Joe Adele to win the Grand Slam, and Oriole was at the back 6-0 before signing off. They fought again to tie the score, 6-6, but fell, 7-6

“Something just wasn’t right” with Ellis, director Brandon Hyde said on the Orioles TV show. He thought it was in Ellis’ best interest to remove him quickly.

Tre Mancini made his first home trip since September 3research and development2021, a three-stroke shot, and Austin Hayes had his first home of the season, a two-stage shot, to bring the Orioles back.

Oriole archers walked nine archers of angels, the height of the season. They haven’t released more than five walks yet. Six pitchers allowed six hits to Los Angeles, two each for Shuhei Ohtani and Mike Trout.

Mike Bowman (1-2) was the loser.

The Orioles (6-10) won two of three over the Angels (9-7).

What’s next for rotation? If Ellis is out for a long time, the most reasonable option to replace him is Alexander Wells.

Wells was selected to Triple-A Norfolk on April 17y After throwing two rounds without goals against the New York Yankees. He worked with the Orioles in Auckland and Anaheim.

It’s Ellis’ turn on Saturday. If the Oriole puts it on the infected list, they can add a diluent for now and then call Wells at first.

Rochman table: Catcher Adley Rutschman is set to play in High-Aberdeen this week as he begins his rehabilitation from a strained right triceps muscle. Rochman, who was injured in a minor league match on March 11ymissed the spring training in the Major League.

The IronBirds are home from Tuesday through Sunday, and Rutschman will likely move to Double-A Bowie. Baysox Hotel will be home from May 3research and development-8y.

Rochman will likely play Norfolk for the latter part of rehab. The tide is coming home from May 10y-15thy.

If you’re looking at Rochman’s potential debut for the Orioles, the team will begin a seven-game home game against the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays on May 16.y.

Potential player DL Hall, who missed most of last season with an elbow injury, will also join Rutschman at Aberdeen but trying to guess his league debut has been difficult. The Orioles try to limit Hall’s roles.

Notes: After Monday, the Orioles conclude their 10-game wild ride with a three-game series against the Yankees. Jordan Lyles (1-1, 3.52) is scheduled to face Luis Severino (1-0, 2.08) on Tuesday night. Tyler Wells (0-2, 6.75) and Jordan Montgomery (0-1, 2.60) are scheduled to play on Wednesday. Thursday afternoon at 1:05 p.m., Bruce Zimmerman (1-0, 1.20) is scheduled to face Jameson Tellon (1-1, 3.07).

Minor periodic update: Ofeliki Peralta (0-1) allowed four runs and retired by just one hit, starter Cody Sedlock lost four runs in three innings as Norfolk lost to Durham, 14-5. Right-hander Tyler Nevin fought his third straight match of three strokes. Nevin hit 382. Richie Martin at shortstop hit his first home run and left-back Robert Neuström hit a three-way home run, his third.

Second baseman Jordan Westberg and quarterback Adam Hall scored twice in Bowie’s 3-2 loss to Akron in 10 games.

Elder right-hand Donta Williams made his first home run of the season as Aberdeen lost to Greensboro, 4-3, in 10 runs. Williams and shortstop Colin Burns each had two hits.

Starter Moises Chace allowed four runs on four strokes while retiring only two hits as Low-A Delmarva lost to Myrtle Beach, 7-4.