On the site of his first NASCAR win, Bubba Wallace still finds ‘Dumbasses’ on social media

The Talladega NASCAR weekend was Bubba Wallace’s first trip package to the track which gave him an impressive victory on the track in October 2021.

Wallace’s win, the first for a black driver since 1963, drew swift criticism from fans who complained that the race was shortened by rain, and some suggested that NASCAR wanted Wallace to win for publicity gain.

Wallace noted that many drivers have won races shortened by the weather over the years.

“There were many cases where this happened, and the teams benefited from it,” he said. “People who are not your fans and will continue to carry that to the tomb that was forged, or we only won because of the rain. All the 40 drivers on the field knew it was going to rain. Why didn’t they win?”

Wallace said he still sees negative comments on social media. “You can’t spend a lot of time there and take advantage of that,” he said, “although I go back and read the comments.” “Every post I click on there – I go back and read the comments because it’s like uh, no, I’m still stupid today.”

NASCAR Cup Series April 23 Geico 500

Kyle Busch doesn’t look like a driver anxious about his next contract.

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Kyle Bush is still unsigned

Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Busch remains unsigned for next season, a situation further complicated by the scheduled departure at the end of this year by long-time team sponsor M&Ms.

When asked if he is concerned that his future remains uncertain, Bush said he “is not concerned about it. If it happens, it happens. If not, then no. Bye.”

Asked if leaving the team was an option, Bush said, “Ask Joe Gibbs.”

Gibbs said he expects talks between Bosch, 39, and the team will result in the veteran driver continuing to race for JGR.

NASCAR Cup Series Pleats of Honor Quiktrip 500

William Byron, left, and Jeff Gordon

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Jeff Gordon, NASCAR Consultant

Jeff Gordon remains very busy as Hendrik Motorsports’ vice president, but team driver William Byron says the former Cup champion remains active as a drivers advisor.

“I’m trying to get advice from him that will pay off,” Byron said. “He’s very direct with his advice, and he’s good with the crew chiefs too. … I’m very confident in the feel of the tracks I’ve done well, but there are some tracks I haven’t done very well where maybe Jeff can give good advice to the crew chief as well. “.

APRIL 24 NASCAR Geico 500 Cup Series

Melon grower Ross Chastain claimed his second cup win on Sunday.

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Ross Chastain wins, another watermelon bites the dust

Watermelons now live everywhere in fear of Ross Chastain.

He did it again on Sunday. Not only did she win a race, but she completely destroyed another watermelon, this time in front at the Talladega Superspeedway, one of the sport’s biggest stages.

Chastain won the Geico 500, oddly enough, by not “trying” to win. On a track that has seen some of the finest car racing finishes, after Chastain learned some of his lessons the hard way, he didn’t get bogged down in the last lap, spur of the moment, and struggle for a-slick maneuvers. He stuck to his line–the low line, in this case–and was the survivor while nearly everyone else ran in broad daylight–and found nothing.

He only drove the last lap.

We just stayed there,” Chastain said on his team radio after the end, in a conversation punctuated by various cries of victory.

Eric Jones and Kyle Larson went one to two in the last 2.66 miles, with Chastain in third. Larson tried to free himself from the pack by going outside to try and pass. As Jones blocked the pass, Chastain, who was low on the track, ran through the hole.

He was just moments away from the second win of his career.

“I’m always the one who’s going to get to the top too early and make the mistake and there at the end, with eight people left, I was like, ‘I’m not going to get there again, I’ve done it a few times today,'” Chastain said. “They just kept going up and moving out of the way.”

Chastain rode on top of the winning car – the same car he drove to victory at the Circuit of the Americas earlier in the year. A Trackhouse Racing crew member handed Chastain’s traditional sacrificial watermelon, smashing it with salad on the surface of the track.

Soon, Chastain may be trying to devise more lively ways to dispose of his family’s farm produce.

next one

The NASCAR Cup Tour moves to Dover, Dale, next weekend. In last year’s race in Dover, Hendrik Motorsports swept the top four, with Alex Bowman leading Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott and William Byron to the finish.

NASCAR Cup Series Race – Annual 53rd GEICO 500

Talladega Superspeedway

Sunday 24 April 2022

1. (19) Ross Chastain, Chevrolet, 188.

2. (14) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 188.

3. (12) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 188.

4. (5) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 188.

5. (2) Martin Truex Jr., Toyota, 188.

6. (16) Eric Jones, Chevrolet, 188.

7. (28) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet, 188.

8. (21) Michael McDowell, Ford, 188.

(27) Alex Bowman, Chevrolet, 188.

10. (24) Kevin Harvick, Ford, 188.

11. (22) Ford, Ryan Blaney, 188.

(11) Justin Healy, Chevrolet, 188.

13. (23) Eric Almerola, Ford, 188.

14. (33) Corey Lagoy, Chevrolet, 188.

15. (8) William Byron, Chevrolet, 188.

16. (6) Kurt Bosch, Toyota, 188.

17. (9) Bubba Wallace, Toyota, 188.


19. (39) Landon Castle (1) Chevrolet, 188.

20. (31) Noah Gregson, Chevrolet, 188.

21. (18) Austin Cendrick #, Ford, 188.

22. (1) Christopher Bell, Toyota, 187.

23. (15) Brad Keselowski, Ford 187.

24. (36) David Ragan, Ford, 186.

25. (38) JJ Yili (i) Ford 185.

26. (37) BJ McLeod Ford 172.

27. (32) Todd Gilliland #Ford, accident, 121.

28 (34) Cody Ware, Ford, DVP, 105.

29. (29) Cole Custer Ford 98 Engine.

30. (26) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Chevrolet, 95 crash.


32. (13) Joey Logano Ford, accident 89.

33. (20) T Dillon, Chevrolet, Accident 89.

34. (25) Harrison Burton #, Ford, Accident, 89.

35. (35) Greg Bevel, Chevrolet, fuel pump, 79.


37. (17) Chase Briscoe, Ford, accident, 56.

38. (30) Chris Bucher, Ford, accident, 56.

39. (10) Tyler Riddick, Chevrolet, 31 engine.

Average race winner speed: 148.637 mph.

Race time: 3 hours, 21 minutes, 52 seconds. Margin of victory: 0.105 sec.

Warning signs: 6 for 28 laps.

Lead changes: 41 out of 16 drivers.

Lap leaders: C-Bell 1; Dr.. Suarez 2-3, c. 4-9 bells; Dr.. Suarez 10-35; c. Caster 36; j. Lugano 37; K. Larson 38-50; B. Wallace 51; K. Larson 52; B. Wallace 53; K. Larson 54; B. Wallace 55-60; B. McLeod 61; K. Larson 62-64; Which. Jones 65; K. Larson 66; Which. Jones 67; K. Larson 68-69; Which. Jones 70-73; B. Wallace 74; Which. Jones 75-82; B. MacLeod 83; W. Byron 84-121; *. Yili (i) 122; Which. Jones 123-124; K. Bosch 125; Which. Jones 126; K. Bosch 127-128; R. Blaney 129-151; B. Wallace 152; Which. Jones 153-154; B. Wallace 155-159; c. lajoie 160; K. Bosch 161; Dr.. Hamlin 162-170; K. Larson 171-176; Which. Jones 177; K. Larson 178-181; Which. Jones 182-183; K. Larson 184; Which. Jones 185–187; R. 188- Ali.

Leaders summary (driver, lead time, rounds): William Byron 1 time for 38 laps; Kyle Larson 9 times in 32 laps; Daniel Suarez twice for 28 laps; Eric Jones 10 times for 25 laps; Ryan Blaney 1 time for 23 laps; Bubba Wallace 6 times for 15 turns; Denny Hamlin 1 time for 9 laps; Christopher Bell twice for 7 laps; Kyle Bush 2 times for 3 laps; BJ McLeod 2 times for 2 laps; Kurt Bush 1 time for 1 roll; * JJ Yeley (i) once per lap; Corey LaJoie 1 time for one roll; Ross Chastain once for one roll; Joey Logano once in a lap; Cool Custer once for one roll.

Stage No. 1 Top Ten: 23,5,20,24,19,9,45,43,48,47

The second stage: the top ten: 24,9,5,19,48,18,10,43,1,45

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