New Ghostbusters VR game in development at Sony Pictures Virtual Reality

Drop the call and get ready to eliminate some virtual reality ghosts with your friends as brand new Ghostbusters The game has been revealed for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. The game does not have an official name yet, although it is currently using the working title Ghostbusters VR. The upcoming game was announced at Meta Quest Gaming last week and revealed with a short trailer. The in-engine trailer was shown without real gameplay, but what is shown is that the game retains the cartoonish art style that has been present in many modern games based on the premium feature.

The trailer opens with a single player traversing what looks like the lower levels of some kind of facility with light, objects being thrown around, and a lot of outside phenomena. The scene then moves to the same player in a group with three other players, as they watch the items around them being tossed until the ghost jump scares the point of view, who responds by shooting a soul. The game will take place in San Francisco and will allow players to play through its campaign either alone or in co-op mode as they “solve a deep mystery across a new chapter in Ghostbusters being.”

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With the release of the new game, fans will want to know where it fits in the overall story of Ghostbusters universe, especially with Ghostbusters: The Afterlife After being released last year. Talking to IGNSony Pictures Entertainment’s senior vice president of virtual reality Jake Zimm said the game doesn’t tie directly into the events or story of the franchise’s latest movie, though there are some returning elements that fans will enjoy. Our game is not about hereafterZim says. It is not a sequel to hereafter. It does not delve into the stories directly. It’s a new story, it’s a new concept, but it is closely related to many things that people loved hereafter and on a larger scale Ghostbusters the world itself.”

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The game is published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR) and developed by nDreams, creators of leading titles. Phantom: Covert OperationsAnd crackedAnd And Far Cry VR: Dive Into Madness. The title joins a slew of other games based on the 80s phenomenon, including several other virtual reality games such as Ghostbusters VR: ShowdownAnd Ghostbusters VR: FirehouseAnd Ghostbusters VR: Hiring Now.

Ghostbusters VR It doesn’t have a release date or release window yet and it’s coming to Meta Quest 2. You can watch the official trailer for the upcoming game below.

Here is the official summary of the new Ghostbusters VR Game:

Grab your Proton Pack and Quest 2 and step into the world of Ghostbusters in immersive virtual reality. Run Ghostbusters HQ in a new city, San Francisco, and solve a deep mystery across a new chapter in the world of Ghostbusters. Track down, blast and trap ghosts in impactful encounters using unique gear. Go alone, or as a team with up to three friends in co-op, on a vast and engaging campaign. Carry on the legacy of the Ghostbusters, protect the city from evil ghosts, and experience all the humor and frustrations of the beloved franchise.

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