Lenovo showcased smart technologies at SG

Lenovo Yesterday, she reiterated her commitment to delivering smart technologies as she hosted her first in-person demo day in Singapore in nearly two years.

“This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our solutions, from hardware to software and services, all tightly integrated and presented in a narrative that highlights the impact we are having on organizations and industries in Singapore,” said Nigel Lee, Managing Director. Lenovo Singapore Smart Devices Group.

“We highlight our efforts as a service-led company in how we can bring all these amazing technologies – artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality – into the world, transforming experiences in the workplace and classrooms of the future and we are very proud that we are making this happen in a sustainable way,” Lee added.

The event provided a sneak peek into the smart workplace of the future to show how CIOs can re-examine their IT infrastructure, considering aspects such as the employee experience and the environment, social and governance (ESG).

Lenovo showcased its wide range of devices, services and solutions across six immersive experience areas.

A new range of building and workplace solutions

Lenovo’s Workplace Solutions area demonstrated how solutions such as simplified workspace reservations, usage analytics, and intelligent facility management, along with professional services, can help companies provide employees with enhanced flexible work options, providing the benefits of in-office interactions and remote work.

The Lenovo Workplace Solutions portfolio helps companies and CIOs adapt to the era of blended work with many smart workspace solutions, including:

  • Workspace reservation: Scheduling software provides real-time visibility of workspace occupancy enabling employers to better manage capacity, helps employees book facilities quickly to save time, and improves contact tracing through automated post-event reporting.
  • Workplace analytics: It is delivered via a dashboard that provides real-time insights into space usage, based on non-invasive data from temperature and motion sensors.
  • digital signage: A content management system that transforms traditionally static displays and signage in high-traffic areas and touch points into visually rich multimedia displays that update dynamically to convey important updates in a timely manner.
  • smart locker: A flexible, self-service warehousing service that allows employees to securely store, pick up, and deliver assets 24/7 with minimal fuss and reduced wait time.
  • Smart Collaboration: An all-in-one meeting room solution with integrated video conferencing software and hardware that is easy to use and scales according to meeting sizes, and is protected by ThinkShield, a suite of security solutions to protect users’ privacy and data.

A Glimpse of Extended Reality Technologies

In 2020, COVID-19 is becoming a catalyst for extended reality (XR) technologies (both AR and VR) to help organizations maintain business continuity and enable people to collaborate and work remotely more efficiently.

Lenovo showcased the ThinkReality A3 smart glasses, which target various industries such as manufacturing. First, Lenovo ThinkReality that is powered by holo software | One for Micron’s engineers is the ability to keep production facilities running while helping the company meet growing demand for its products.

Meanwhile, Lenovo also demonstrated how Lenovo Asset Recovery Services (ARS) and CO2 Offset Services mitigate the security and environmental risks associated with purchasing new hardware and disposing of end-of-life assets. These services ensure that organizations purchase, manage and dispose of their technology devices in a responsible and sustainable manner, while making sure that the entire process is legally compliant, secure, and consistently applied globally.

Lee said, “In many ways, Lenovo Experiential Day 2022 highlights that Lenovo is no longer just a hardware-centric company, but a company that delivers end-to-end solutions that help customers embark on their journey toward digital transformation 2.0 in an era of increasing challenges but also opportunities. Huge “.

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