Latest Trump news today: Ex-President says Musk won’t buy Twitter at ‘ridiculous’ price as Pence backs Kemp government

Biden mocks Trump, calling him the “Great Maga King” when talking about the economy

As Donald Trump’s choice candidate David Perdue struggles to gain momentum in the Georgia primaries, Mike Pence has announced that he will visit the state to get a vote of incumbent Brian Kemp – a Republican who has refused to bow to Trump’s insistence on stealing the state. From Joe Biden in 2020.

Meanwhile, the Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol has issued subpoenas to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and four other GOP lawmakers who are close allies of Donald Trump: Representatives Jim Jordan of Ohio, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, And Andy Bigs is from Ohio. Arizona, and Moe Brooks from Alabama. Each was given the opportunity to testify voluntarily.

and the Ministry of Justice Now check whether the former president trump Or any of his associates violated federal law by mishandling confidential documents that ended up in Mar-a-Lago rather than the National Archives at the end of his tenure.

On Friday, the former president shared some thoughts on Elon Musk’s plan to buy Twitter, saying the billionaire wouldn’t pay a “ridiculous price” for the platform because it mostly has “BOTS or spam accounts.”


What after calling the House of Representatives on its own?

The January 6 Committee’s Brilliant Decision to Recall the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy And the other Congress Republicans The deadly mutiny in the Capitol has deepened tension and mistrust among lawmakers and raised questions about what happens next.

The echoes of the outcome will surely go beyond an immediate investigation into Donald Trump’s baseless efforts to annul Joe Biden’s presidential election victory. Angry Republicans have vowed to use the same tools, arming congressional subpoenas if they seize control of the House of Representatives in the November midterm elections to go after Democrats, even at the highest levels in the Congress.

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Trump criticizes Democrats for helping Ukraine bipartisan during baby milk shortage

Trump criticizes Democrats for helping Ukraine bipartisan during baby milk shortage

Former President Donald Trump criticized lawmakers for working to pass a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine.

Although the bill had bipartisan support, with only 57 Republicans voting no, Trump still blamed Democrats.

“Democrats are sending another $40 billion to Ukraine, yet America’s fathers are struggling to feed their children,” he said in a statement from his spokesperson.

“There’s a massive lack of formula, but nobody talks about it — it’s a national disgrace,” he continued, though the shortage is the focus of newscasts, press briefings, and the Biden administration’s planning.

“It is unbelievable that in 2022 American families will not be able to get baby formula for their children,” Mr. Trump said. “Families whose children have serious allergies and need a ‘racist’ formula are in a desperate situation and the most stress.”

He concluded, “The pain that parents go through who literally cannot get their newborns and children nourished is a sign of the eternal disgrace of the Democratic Party. America First!”

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As shortages persist, Democrats ramp up response to infant formula crisis

House Democrats will increase their response to infant formula shortages in the United States, according to a letter from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Democratic spokeswoman wrote in her “dear colleague” letter to her caucus that Congress will take action to respond to shortages caused by supply chain disruptions and Factory call One of the largest fittings manufacturer in the country.

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White House calls photos of Israeli police attacking funeral of slain Palestinian journalist ‘extremely disturbing’

White House Press Secretary Jin Psaki Call Scenes from a funeral parade in Jerusalem to PalestinianAn American journalist was fatally shot during an attack Israeli The raid is “extremely disturbing,” as widely circulated footage shows Israeli officers beating coffin bearers as they carry the coffin containing the body of Shireen Abu Akle.

“We’ve all seen those pictures. It’s obviously very disturbing. This is a day when we should all, including everyone there, celebrate the memory of a wonderful journalist who lost her life,” Ms. Psaki said of the White House on Friday, May 13.

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Psaki fights back tears as she says she tried to regain “respect and integrity” for her press role in the White House

White House press secretary Jin Psaki She said she promised herself not to “get emotional” in her last appearance behind the pulpit of James Brady’s brief room, but that promise was quickly broken as she fought back tears before taking questions from reporters for the 24th and final time.

Ms. Psaki, who is said to be playing a role on MSNBC cable news, thanked the president Joe Biden And the first lady Jill Biden For giving her the honor of serving as the White House’s chief spokesperson for the first fifteen months of Biden’s tenure.

Remembering her first meeting with Mr and Mrs. Biden after the 2020 election, she said they discussed “the importance of returning integrity, respect and civility to the White House” when dealing with the press.

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Biden has raised nearly $8 million since March.

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Justice Samuel Alito denies question about leaked Supreme Court draft

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Samuel Alito He evaded a question when he was asked about a leaked draft opinion he wrote that shows the court is about to be rescinded Raw vs. Wade.

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Trump says Elon Musk won’t pay a “heavy price” on Twitter

Donald Trump Says Elon Musk won’t buy Twitter “At this exorbitant price” after the billionaire announced that he had paused his $44 billion purchase of the platform.

The Tesla chief says he is “still committed” to buying Twitter but the deal is on hold until he gathers more information about spam and fake accounts on the platform.

Graeme Massie has the latest:

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Abortion rights: Groups plan nationwide ‘Ban Out of Our Bodies’ rallies on May 14

Abortion rights Groups plan nationwide demonstrations on May 14 as the US Supreme Court considers repealing the constitutional protections for abortion care affirmed by a landmark 1973 decision in Raw vs. Wade.

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The House Oversight Committee launches an investigation into infant formula manufacturers

The chair of the powerful House Oversight and Reform Committee is demanding answers from the heads of the four largest US infant formula producers about what their companies are doing to alleviate the formula shortages that have left parents scrambling to feed their babies. across the country.

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