Top 10 Smart Home Security Cameras You Can Buy Right Now

If you want to protect your home and loved ones from intrusion, you should consider investing in a smart security camera. Many of these devices include cloud storage and memory-card slots. Those who don’t want to pay for monthly storage fees can opt for local storage instead. However, it’s important to note that local storage won’t protect forensic evidence.


If you are a homeowner who is worried about your safety and property, you can have peace of mind with an Arlo smart home security camera. These devices are 100% wire-free, HD indoor/outdoor video cameras that detect motion. When triggered, they start recording automatically and send notifications to you via email or mobile app. They also have built-in night vision, allowing you to monitor your property at any time.

Arlo cameras are extremely easy to set up and use. They have consistent features, a simple interface, and seven-day cloud storage. Users can also share one account with several cameras. Each account comes with a limit of five cameras, but if you purchase multiple devices, you can use one account to monitor as many as you want. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for a subscription to monitor multiple cameras.

The Arlo base station is similar to a normal router, measuring about three-quarters the size. It has dual USB 2.0 ports and a fast Ethernet port (in yellow). There are power input and reset buttons, as well as a triangular sync button for the cameras.

The Arlo Pro 3 is a powerful camera that can record in 2K resolution. It also has a built-in spotlight and color night vision. It can be set to record locally or on a schedule. It is also possible to set activity zones and receive smart alerts. One of the major disadvantages of the Arlo Pro 3 is its limited field of view (160 degrees), but you can get a zoom lens and activity zones.

The Arlo cameras have a rechargeable battery. These cameras do not require screwdrivers or other tools to install. They also look good when mounted around the home. If you don’t want to install a camera yourself, you can buy an Arlo kit with all the required hardware and software for your needs.

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is one of the most popular smart home security cameras on the market right now. It is a highly reliable camera that can recognize people and activity in a room and send an alert to the user’s phone. This can also help you contact the police if you have suspicious activity around your home. Another feature of this camera is its voice component, which lets you interact with whoever is in the house. This can help you scare away intruders or make it clear why you’re there.

This camera can record in HD, both during daytime and at night. It can also be moved with the help of an app. It can also send an alert if it hears any suspicious sounds, such as an alarm. In addition to this, some models can trigger a siren in case of unusual activity.

If you’re worried about privacy, you can opt for a security system that offers unlimited cloud storage. The Nest Cam is a reliable option, which allows you to store up to three hours of video in the cloud. It’s also waterproof, meaning it will work even in rainy days. The Nest Cam also has a unique lens and structure that minimizes the risk of damage. The Nest Cam is highly reliable, and you can rest assured that it’s always recording anything in the neighborhood. With its 30-day video storage, this system also keeps a record of anything that happens.

Another smart home security camera is the Wyze Cam, which works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It features a motion detection zone and the ability to listen for special frequencies. You can even customize a zone for the camera. It also supports two-way talk.

Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24

The Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 is an indoor camera that can be used for smart home security. It features a microSD card slot that can hold up to 128GB of data. It also has a speaker and a sync button for convenient recording. The camera can store up to eight months of video footage. Eufy claims this is based on approximately 30 events lasting 20 seconds.

The Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 is a high-quality indoor camera with excellent video quality. It supports 2K video resolution and is priced competitively. It also integrates with smart home systems such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The camera also features a microSD card slot and supports local storage in addition to cloud storage. Eufy also offers a paid cloud storage plan, which is convenient for quick checks of the home.

The Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 is a great home security camera for the price. It provides detailed footage both day and night. It supports local and cloud storage, and voice control is available. The camera is also useful for calming pets when you’re not home. However, it does not offer HomeKit integration. It is also not particularly stylish, but it will do the job. It may not be the best choice for a smart home security camera, but if you’re on a budget, it is worth a look.

The Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24’s video quality is excellent. It records video in two-K resolution. Even in dark conditions, it records clear video. The camera is also equipped with eight infrared LEDs for night vision. It also has an embedded microphone for two-way audio. It has a small LED status indicator that flashes blue during setup and stays solid when everything is working well. It also blinks red when sound or motion is detected.

Wyze Cam Plus

If you are interested in installing a smart home security camera, you may want to consider a Wyze Cam Plus. This camera comes with a mobile app that allows you to manage and monitor your home. You can also use the app to set the alarm and control the camera remotely. It has a variety of features, including a live video feed and a timer for when the camera goes off.

The camera’s Settings screen allows you to set settings for sound, motion, night vision, and recording to SD cards. It also allows you to set notification schedules and receive push alerts if motion is detected. You can also create rules using the Automations feature. These rules let the Wyze Cam Plus interact with other Wyze products and create notifications.

The video files recorded by the Wyze Cam can be stored locally on a microSD card for free or on a cloud account. You can store up to 7 days’ worth of footage. You can also sort notifications by type – people, packages, cars, etc. – and save the videos that you need later.

The camera also includes 24-hour monitoring from a team of professionals. When the system triggers, a professional agent will be sent to your home to investigate and respond. This is an excellent feature for anyone looking for a smart home security camera. However, you should be aware that it does not use a cellular connection, so it’s not a reliable backup option if the power or internet go out.

If you are looking for an affordable smart home security camera, you can consider a Wyze Cam Plus. These cameras are affordable and offer many features, including live alerts. With the help of Wyze’s app, you can monitor your home and protect your family from unwanted intrusion.

Eufy Floodlight Camera 2

The Eufy Floodlight Camera 2 is one option for monitoring your home without spending too much money. It has 2K video quality and is powered by 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This camera works over the cloud and does not require an ongoing subscription. However, there are some limitations. It cannot transfer recordings to other Eufy devices and does not support ONVIF or RTSP protocols. It can’t also connect to Alexa or Google Home.

Unlike many traditional security cameras, this Eufy Floodlight Camera 2 has a 360-degree pan and tilt lens. The camera can detect motion and turn on the lights. It can also record sounds or motion. You can also speak to people on the camera’s app.

The Eufy Floodlight Camera 2 Pro is another option. It features a WiFi connection and can also be mains-powered. It comes with two floodlights that turn on when there’s motion. The camera records colour video. The footage can be viewed on an app via the internet, but you must pay for the service. The camera also has a two-way microphone and an 80db siren, so it can alert you if anyone tries to enter your home.

Another option for smart home security cameras is the Eufy Floodlight Camera 2. This camera uses a LED bar light to flood any subject in a white light. It can also identify people and packages using its facial recognition. It also features a battery that can be recharged with a micro-USB charger. It also has a second battery bay for extra convenience.

A floodlight camera should be installed in a central location that can provide adequate coverage. For best results, choose a location that faces your driveway or yard. It should be installed at a height of six to 10 feet, which will give it a clear view of a wide area. Before installing it, make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection in the area where you’ll install the camera. Also, make sure to download the manufacturer’s app and pair the camera with it. Then, you can start monitoring your home without climbing a ladder!

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