My first college scholarship time in 2022

My scholarship story

In every student life taking scholarship is most precious moment. Recently I got scholarship because of my position in my class. The day I came to know that scholarship being announced I rushed to the control office in order to submit my portfolio also.

Waited for almost one year:

   After one year I came to know that my name is being enlisted on college’s official page and my teacher also informed me to reach college auditorium on next day.

Cermony Day:

    On next day I was excited, I took bath I put my hijab and abaya I didy simple makeover then I went to college.

Tye cermony was to be started on 11am students were waiting and then it was time when all the students reached college auditorium. The cermony begun with the name of all mightly Allah and the cermony was proceeded by cheif Procter of college he invited special guest and principle to share their reviews on martic scholarship. After it cheif Procter announced the name of there students department wise after a long wait my department name was also announced and my name was announced on stage. I went to stage I order to collect my check I was very excited and nervous as well.

After Story Of The Cermony:

  I went to the bank and cashedy check. It was my happy and gorgeous moment fory to receive such a check that every one I not allow get these type of check scholarship. At the end I went to home alonge with my cash my parents were also very happy and proud because of my.

That is my story about that how I got my first scholarship check in my life.

Scholarship is very important for a student because when student get a scholarship he/she gets motivation and recognition frok teachers, family, friends and college. With the help of scholarship money you can able to solve your problem with this money as you know very peoples like student who can get money from their parents but this thing can motivate you that you cannot get any money from your parents.

And the most important thing is if you are interested in study in foreign country then you can apply for many of country which can give you fully funded scholarship for 4 year are graduation which can also help you to maintain your lifestyle in foreign countries.

So thank you so much for reading my success story thanks for ready my blog.

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