Top 5 best scholarships for international students

Top 5 Best Scholarships

Today I will discuss top 5 best scholarships for international students these scholarships are from five different well-known countries like Australia, Japan, Turkey, Sweden and from China as well as the these are available for all international students however I already discussed some of these scholarship in my previous blog and if you want to read these blog you will find the link in the description as well as blog are available on my website moreover you will find my experience on these scholarship as I was selected for numerous scholarship last year like Tsinghua university which is the top-ranked University of the world so if you want to join my WhatsApp group Instagram or Facebook group just go to the About tab of YouTube there you will find the link and more thing if you are not able to understand what I am saying please refer to these subtitles now I think we should start over blog so I will start the blog from first scholarship.

1) China:

I think everyone has the idea of CSC scholarship it is one of the well known scholarship in all over the world secondly it is famous because it does not have an any restriction on the number of available scholarships these are my picture what you are watching now actually I was selected for Tsinghua university on A category Now I will give you a little overview about this scholarship however you will find all detail in my blog it has basically three categories A B and C in A and B in B and C sorry you will you are mostly selected on the behalf of your research and interest but in a your academic grade will enhance your chances it usually starts in the December and remains till March it covers tuition fee accommodation as bachelor it is 2500 RMB for master it is the 3000 RMB and for a PhD it is 3500 RMB.

2) Sweden:

Now I am moving towards second most attractive scholarship that is SISGP that is a Sweden government scholarship and the in which all top ranked universities of Sweden are included every year almost 300 students are selected in this scholarship it usually starts on 15 October and remains till 15 January it covers tuition fee accommodation 15 thousand SEK for traveling as well as 10 thousands steepen per month in the scholarship almost every field is available but this scholarship is only for master secondly study gap is not matter in this scholarship as well as three thousand job hours is required for applying but time of your internship and part-time job are also calculated IELTS is not a must it depends on your field.

3) Turkish:

Now I am moving toward third most popular and available for all except Turkish people that is turkey Burslari scholarship which is a turkey government scholarship and it is announced several time in a year for research student but it is it is announced only once for all students of all courses and levels it usually starts in December and ends in February it covers tuition fee accommodation as well as Steepen but Steepen varies from 700 to 14 hundred LT like for bachelor it is seven hundred LT for master it is 950 LT and for PhD it is 1400 LT I already discussed the scholarship in my previous blog in detail and if you want to read these blog you will find the link in the description as well as on blog are available on my website moreover you will find my experience on this scholarship as I was selected last year and it is good for high academic background students.

4) Japanese:

Now I am moving toward 4th most popular scholarship that is MEXT scholarship it is a government Japanese government scholarship in this scholarship all fields are available MEXT has two categories first through Embassy and through University through embassy you have to clear the written exam of embassy than email to professor for acceptance letter moreover the last date through university is not same it varies from university to University this is a fully funded scholarship and it covers accommodation tuition fee and steepen of one lakh and forty three thousand YEN to one lakh forty eight thousand yen per month.

5) Australia:

lastly the most famous scholarship of Australia that is Australian award scholarship actually education in Australia is very expensive so mostly students are not able to study in Australia but in the scholarship education fee will be paid by government of Australia more than three thousand student are selected each year it is usually available from January to April a low educational score does not matter that means you will be selected with less scores but IELTS is compulsory with the 6.5 band moreover you will be able to apply what six band so that’s it for today so comment below on which topic you want more videos like on both scholarships and different country countries or maybe on IELTS so wish you all the best and Allah Hafiz.

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