Einstein Fully Funded Scholarship in Germany

Einstein Fully Funded Scholarship

welcome to the scholarship network hope you all are fine and enjoying good health today I will discuss a fully paid scholarship offered by Germany no required as well as no application fee the name of this scholarship is the albert Einstein scholarship I will recommend you if your grades are not good then also apply because this scholarship is not depend on crates one more thing about the blog is that time link is given in the description through you can jump to any topic in this blog because I want to cover each and everything about this scholarship in this blog so it will be lengthy if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet then do subscribe to get daily updates about scholarship internship fellowship free courses and many other things so let’s start the blog as you know albert Einstein is a scientist so the name of the scholarship is showing that this is a research based scholarship unsigned fellow program offered by Germany the purpose of this scholarship is giving opportunity to the candidates to improve their professional and personal skills.

It will help the candidate to develop a sense of self-reliance it will also build up command on the research work no ielts toefl is needed to qualify for this fully funded program no application fee now moving toward the detail of the scholarship host country is Germany host institute is the Einstein form the dimmer and bands foundation it is mandatory to stay in Einstein summer house during your fellowship and offered program is fellowship duration of fellowship is the time the time period of this fully paid fellowship is about five to six months and the Einstein fellowship program benefits the candidate will be given a stepping of ten thousand euro for five to six months the fellowships will will be paid the traveling expense and the fellow will be given free accommodation benefits for family your family may accompany you during the fellowship period your family will be given free accommodation your family will not be given the traveling expense and fellowship eligibility criteria all international candidates and German natives can apply for this fellowship program known ielts toefl is needed to apply for this program the age of applicant should be under 35 years a candidate must hold degree of social sciences natural sciences or humanity documents that is required for this scholarship an updated cv of a candidate and Europa’s format if you have no idea how to uh make it then go to my channel there you will find the video at least two letter of recommendation uh not sent by you letter in the video I will discuss how to send it a project proposal of approximately two pages uh now what are the requirement of project proposal your purpo your proposed project must not be part of your dissertation or thesis there is no hard and fast rule nor is there a formula for how how the project should look all you need to demonstrate and demonstrate is uh that you have not already done work in your master thesis published as a book otherwise there are no limitations on the project you may propose as long as you can defend you your idea as interesting original and flexible during the fellowship period and please also consider whether the facilities are available to you and secondly not mention two ideas in it only focus on your main idea.

How To Apply in This Scholarship: 

How to apply in this scholarship apply is very very simple you don’t need to send any document by mail only three documents are required uh that I already mentioned if you missed that part of the video then go back and watch again please uh that was the most important part of the video you just write a project proposal of two pages and make a cv on your format and send them by email you can find their email in context section that is the email know how to send them the recommendation letter I recommend that your reference letter be emailed to them directly by their respective authors in this way your application will more stronger than they get your reference letter through official email of your professor however they will also accept if you send them the recommendation letter by yourself that is uh how to apply and uh if you have any query related to this scholarship please feel free to ask and wish you all the best and Allah hafiz.

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