What is Scholarship? Get Foreign scholarship in 2022

Definition of Scholarship:

Scholarship is a reward which the student earn from their performance.

Scholarship is very good reward for a student because when student get a position on their whole class then school gave them this reward called scholarship.

Types of Scholarship:

Basically there are two types of Scholarship which are given below.

1) Government Scholarship.

2) Need base Scholarship.

1) Government Scholarship:

If you are study in government school or college or university then every year you are able to apply scholarship to earn scholarship.

2) Need Base Scholarship:

This is also the type of Scholarship in which private and as well as government gave to this scholarship. This is the best type of Scholarship.


Scholarship is very important for students because if anyone give any type of reward to students then students take more interest in their studies. There are also foreign scholarship for student through which you can study in foreign countries without any cost it’s mean that without any money you can study in foreign countries without any money.

Requirements for foreign countries:

There are following requirements for foreign countries.

1) Your Matric or Fsc marks are upto 900 out of 1100.

2) Your English Communication Skills is more important for student.

3) You must clear final interview for foreign countries scholarship.

4) After clear these step then you are able to study in foreign countries.


Hence scholarship is very important for government student.

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