Gammons: From attack to injuries to hopeful rookie breakouts, April didn’t go as well as we expected

Given that the Spring Training Games didn’t start until March 17, if we had expected the normal number of Spring Training competitions, the majority of teams would have finished their spring schedule around April 24. So, last week in Major League Baseball It was probably the end of the preparatory season. Unfortunately Cincinnati Reds2-13 at first, but no one in the MLS was more than four games out of the top spot – and this team, Orioleshappens to be in the same division as the team with the best record, which is Toronto Blue Jays.

It was a cold, windy spring in most markets, which could explain the decline in reptiles; The ball can also be used, wind patterns, and increased attention-level pacing to contact and half strokes in normal spring training. The difference between April 2021 and 2022 is slight. On April 24th 2021 season was superior offensively in batting average (.-bats (1 per 11.96 AB vs 1 per 12.92). The only big difference is significant, but it stands out more as we expect the slowdown to tilt in favor of 2022 because the DH must be taken global in mind.

“This is a very bad time to be a hitter,” says one MLS coach. “Three years ago, the game was moving toward the Houston model of four-seater fastballs with curved balls. Now there are a lot of snatchers running down and to the side of the gauntlet, with custom cutouts and cutters offering very different and unique actions.”

Attacking isn’t the only thing that defies expectations. We had thought that the Spring Palace would lead to a series of injuries. In April 2021, 177 players were listed as injured, but if one reduces this number to a similar number of calendar days, the number will be 100. 83 players were placed on the injured list starting on opening day; 62 was linked to COVID-19, and the only bowler who has been judged to need Tommy John surgery due to the procedure this month is John Maines From the Orioles (obviously, many players were put on longer injury rosters before the season started in cuts to a 40-player roster).

There may be bowler injury issues in July, August or September, but April was often the month with the most hits. It is credited to the MLB for allowing two additional player rosters through April, allowing clubs to carry up to 15 bowlers, and in some cases 16 bowlers, allowing a Tampa Bay team of nine injured bowlers to use seven bowlers without hitting Boston in the 10th inning, then winning it On Homer’s Tour Kevin Kiermayerwhich has never been seen in any level – from Little League and above.

And so in first light on April 24, the allegedly best-of-the-game division (four teams were in the postseason game last year) had played 15 games each. Those were 60 starts, and Toronto’s Kevin Gusman on April 21 was the only bowler to throw eight or seven rounds in those 60. Yankees It was two six-strokes at the start, and rays Four, that guy’s jays, and nothing in Boston. In 60 starts, he completed half a dozen six innings. Every one of those teams’ managers admitted caution because these shooters would be in demand in the last couple of months.

History tells us that if a bowler is healthy on May 1, there is a good chance he will be healthy on July 31. Some teams can hope that junior bowlers who started the season as multiple openers or homers will step into rotations sometime before July 1st and fill in a rotation point that would otherwise require a trade. The Red Sox is a good example. Both Chris Seal and James Paxton Alternate optimistic by June, but no guarantees.

Instead of them Boston Garrett Whitlockwhich started with four rounds stopped on April 3 and allowed one person to run in 16 2/3 rounds, and tanner hook, who showed flashes of brilliance and developed a splitting device that Baseball Savant has listed as the second best downward move of any terminator in the majors. Completing it will require two or three extra painkillers 2-3, but Cotter Crawford He approaches the matter he needs for his strength, which he shows in flashes. General Manager Haim Blum is hoping for mid-season help from Conor Siebold and Josh Winkowski, who were both acquired in the deals. They have two interesting local bowlers in Double-A Portland: Bryan Bello, who was 98-100 and by last weekend had made 18 of 10 rounds in two games, and left-hander Brandon Walter, whose first two starts was dominant.

Surprisingly, 24-year-old Frank German, who was awarded by the Boston Yankees to take Adam Ottavino’s contract before last season. In all but five games with Portland in 2021, the German averaged over 5.00 winnings and throws in the mid-1990s. He showed up at Fort Myers this spring and throws 98-100, and he says that when he was taken to the field five times last September, he was more motivated and up to speed. He hadn’t let run in five games in Portland this past April, consistently hitting 99 with an occasional 102 and big numbers to swing and miss. With questions still in the middle of the pen, he’s on Alex Cora’s watch list a lot.

It can be difficult to do trades for starting pitchers. It will be a lot to search for Frankie Montas from Auckland. He’s only 29, and his stuff – especially his splitter – is constantly improving, he’s earning $5.05 million and not a free agent for two years. This brings us to one team topic of concern, which is Auckland Athletics. Sure, in years past, players would trade players when they asked for big contracts, but David Forrest has also traded John Lester, Matt Holliday and Jeff Samardziga, in a bid to win.

But this season is different. Owner John Fisher does not take back any major league contracts. They exchanged four main players – Shawn MindAnd Matt ChapmanAnd Matt Olson And Chris Bassett – He waived $22 million in salary in 2022. Salaries in 2021 amounted to $83.8 million; This year it is expected to reach about $44 million. The catcher Sean Murphy is really good. Expect Ramon Laureano and Montas and Le Trevino, which earns a combined $10.7 million, will soon be gone. The general managers believe Tyler Mahley and Reds’ Luis Castillo may be available. If one needs beginners, waiting is the hardest part, from juniors or majors.

It’s been a great season for young strong shooters, starting with Cincinnati’s Hunter Greene, who hit 100-plus records 39 on his first start. So we have Johan Doran in Minnesota, who threw his spark at 96.8 mph and his speedball near 100. All he did was change his fingers in his two apartments and now he’s doing the things he said “I really don’t understand.”

The return and development of Luis Severino as well as the development of Nestor Cortes makes the Yankees’ team deep and very good. Toronto is also deep, and has the liquidity and prospects for trading. Seattle is charming and earned Ruby Ray to join Chris FlexenAnd Logan GilbertAnd Marco Gonzalez And Matt BrashWith George Kirby in Triple A.

Brash is one of the most interesting starters in the game, with the slider-slide combination giving him two similar tones in the hitter’s eye, then running in different directions. Jerry DePoto got it from Padres For Taylor Williams. He also got a fire reducer Andres Muñoz of pads with Ty France to Austin Nola. Muñoz was up to 101.3 with a sloppy power slider.

With the talented position Dipoto players have gained in careers, draft and international, it has allowed some players to develop into the major leagues. A year from now, he might not be able to do that. Julio Rodriguez He has the qualities of a star. So far, his numbers haven’t been impressive, nor are hers Bobby Witt Jr.or to a lesser degree Spencer Turkelson. But it is clear that more is to come. Count Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout Among those who underperformed in their first taste in major league events. Not everyone can be this way Fernando Tates Jr. or Juan Soto or Vladimir Guerrero Jr. It looks instantly comfortable.

This latter group reminds us of the impact the international market has had on the game, and to celebrate, the best new song to hit the Apple Music market is “Major League Blues” by Costa Rican guitarist/singer Jose Ramirez. No no who – which Jose Ramirez. The only Costa Rican player to make the major tournaments was Ray Stoviak, born in Nicoya (before attending Vilanova University in the US) who played in 10 games for 1938 Phyllis And you didn’t get injured. Obviously, he was struggling with the blues in the league.

(Photo by Julio Rodriguez: David Berding/Getty Images)