Five Padres who can be sent as rosters are cut to 26 players

Major League Baseball has agreed to allow all teams to have 28 players on their roster through May 1 2022 season begins. Therefore, the San Diego Padres The roster must be truncated by two players as their game against the Cleveland Guardians begins on Tuesday.

A maximum of 14 bowlers are allowed on all rosters, which was agreed this week by the MLB and the Players’ Association. So let’s play some GM and go over some of the names AJ Preller and the front office will be going through review over the next couple of days to determine who will remain on the Major League roster and who will be sent to the Palace. .

CJ Abrams (3 options available)

Fernando Tates Jr.’s wrist injury opened the door for Abrams to impress and he did just that, making the league’s main roster after hitting 0.324 in spring practice. There has always been some growing pains with Abrams at the big league level because he is still developing. After all, the 21-year-old only had 348 board appearances in the palace before facing off Arizona Diamondbacks The first weekend of the regular season.

Abrams hits 0.146 this season so far and turns base only 25.5% of the time. There were so many bats this season that he ended up striking because he couldn’t catch the fastball in the area. His stats numbers, other than his incredible speed, aren’t pretty.

With this said, Bob Melvin and AJ Preller likely won’t send it in in part because they saw some growth from it. For example, he made two shortstop mistakes in the series finale in Cincinnati the other day but immediately bounced back, making a nice play extending to his left that few would be able to do because they don’t have the speed and athleticism that he does.

There are also no other middle protection options available every day off the bench at the moment. Manny Machado, Jurickson Profar, Ha-Seong Kim and Jake Cronenworth have all started most of the time right now and the Padres still need someone on the bench who can take their place.

So while Abrams may see less playing time in the short term because Kim is starting to heat up, he has a good chance of surviving on the roster.

Matt Petty (one option available)

When Beaty was acquired, some thought he might actually be a platoon with Profar in left field. Betty was hitting the right by hitting Provar on the left. That was before Provar scored five home runs in his first 18 games – already surpassing his 2021 home run total less than a month into the season.

While Petty has only 25 at bats this season, he hits 080 with an OPS +3 (100 is the league average). The former Dodger has only one option left according to Fangravesso the Padres have the ability to send him to Triple-A to prevent him from being kidnapped by another team.

Also, Trayce Thompson was just called up this week to replace Wil Myers and doesn’t have any options left, so Padres will probably be more than willing to go with four outside players on the roster so they can keep Thompson’s racket and Azocar speed/glove on the team.

Jose Azucar (3 options available)

If Padres goes with Petti as one of the four defensive players, that means Azucar will likely be sent off. Azucar was valuable to Padres off the bench because he is quick in the rules and is a strong defensive alternative late in the games. However, Azocar has more minor league options left than Beaty, so the Padres may just rely on attacking that continues to score points during this easier period of games so that defending on the field isn’t critical.

Raycare (3 options available)

Kerr did nothing wrong to get taken down but they haven’t thrown him in more than one round since he was called up when Pierce Johnson Went on IL. That tour went smoothly April 24where the three retired Dodgers Faced in ten stadiums.

If he doesn’t regularly appear off the list, there’s no reason he’s on the 26-man list on May 2. He’s one of those potential candidates to be sent down which isn’t a bad thing. This will allow him to have regular casual time and continue working on his command.

Pedro Avila (2 options available)

Avila is more likely to be sent than anyone else on the list. I would probably put him more than Kerr because the only time he put on a show was when the game was completely out of control and Padres seems to appreciate Kerr more than Avila at the moment. Avila was called up on April 13, and he’s done a total show twice since then. Both were in matches that were set by at least eight runs.

Reader Question: Which two Padres do you think will be sent?