Each planet in the series is arranged

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic offers a selection of locations familiar to old Star Wars fans to delve into, along with many new planets to explore. The game’s planets go beyond your standard Star Wars settings, immersing you in living, breathing worlds that make KOTOR one of the best games in the franchise.

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From the rolling fields of Dantooine to the bustling cityscapes of Taris, these places are as diverse as they are immersive, especially considering KOTOR is nearly 20 years old. Whether you enjoy helping rural farmers settle disputes or you prefer getting lost in the dark underbelly of the city, KOTOR has a planet for you.


13 Burgess II – Leave it in the dust

KOTOR 2’s educational planet is notorious as one of the least interesting planets in the series. While obsidian has been keen to make the spacesuit walking section faster than its KOTOR counterpart, this first section has been on for a while.

Several slow-paced episodic scenes, similar looking areas and a few annoying robots lengthen this area. While some of the discoveries, such as the Jedi hunt, make for an eerie character, the fading context of the Peragus facility seems inconsequential once it is destroyed during your escape.

12 Dantoine – The House Where the Baddowns Roam

Dantooine’s initial appearance was welcoming and calm, portraying him as a quiet realm of cultivators living alongside the Jedi Academy. During KOTOR 1, Dantooine is a safe haven for you to come back, recover, trade and discuss progress with the Jedi.

However, Dantooine’s second appearance in KOTOR 2 is even more bleak, as the Jedi Academy lies in ruins, and the planet is overrun by thieves and mercenaries.. The Provisional Government maintains a semblance of order on this decaying planet with little to offer except for the wild beasts and relics of the Jedi that once protected Khunda.

11 Manan, stare into the ocean for the last time

One of the most beautiful planets, the surface of Mannan is covered with sparkling seas adorned with pearly white floating cities. Mannan’s missions consist of detective work and an ensuing judicial case where you defend Sunry, a Republican warrior accused of murder by the Sith.

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Despite Mannan’s beauty and intrigue, he holds the dubious distinction of being the only planet on which she can be exiled. Additionally, the underwater spacesuits section is known to be slow, as your movement is reduced to excruciating speeds.

10 Telos IV – A planet on the brink of survival

Reeling on the brink of destruction after the Mandalorian Wars, Telos was the first planet in a project to restore the post-war Republic. You arrive at the space station floating above Telos, but later escape to the surface: A beautiful wasteland of grasslands, sparkling water bodies, and majestic snowy mountains.

Sadly, your return to Telos near the end of the game is peppered with Sith’s attack on its already fragile ecosystem, ensuring that Telos never returns to glory, and instead vanishes at the hands of your enemies.

9 Korean – The Barren Realm of the Seth

Koriban’s gloomy and sandy surface contrasts starkly with the Jedi’s twin, Dantoine, and introduces you to the brooding, academic world of the Sith. In KOTOR, you roam the Sith Academy disguised as a potential student, while KOTOR 2 redux sheds light on dark forces hiding in the planet’s caves.

Few worlds are as compact and important to the story as Korriban, which makes it a major stop on your travels along with both Revan and The Exile. Its dark valleys intertwine with the dark side, creating the most unsettling environment across any game.

8 Tatooine – coarse coarse sand everywhere

One of Star Wars’ most famous planets, Tatooine maintains its reputation as a world of sweeping sand dunes and a hive of scum and villains. Despite the confusing layout of the desert area outside Anchorage, especially the Eastern Dune Sea, the sandy expanse of Tatooine adds to its immersion.

Dune Sea also boasts an unforgettable encounter with a legendary monster: the Krayt Dragon. While you do not engage in a fight with the dragon, his death is an opportunity to reflect on the dangers hidden beneath the surface of this seemingly simple planet.

7 Onderon – A Million Voices Suddenly Silenced

Princess Leia’s planet is a bustling metropolis, the air thick with the scent of revolution and civil turmoil. As the outbreak of civil war mars your time in Onderon, your first trip to the planet depicts a city populated by people trying to survive.

The Cantina offers a side mission to solve the crime as players gather evidence and interrogate witnesses. The Cantina murder and mystery mystery foreshadows the delicate balance between peace and war, and serves as an excellent microcosm for the game’s larger themes.

6 Taris – crumbles under the grip of Darth Malak

Primer planet for KOTOR 1, Taris squeezes a plethora of quests, six companions, and several main story threads into a world of tall buildings and an abnormal Coruscant-like belly. It goes beyond Taris Onderon and Telos, incorporating the best aspects of both in one.

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Whether you fancy some Swoop racing, want to try your hand at Pazaak, (Star Wars’ Blackjack) or prefer to eradicate the deadly Rakghoul diseases that have plagued Undercity, Taris is full of opportunities to leave your mark – light or dark – on your face of the galaxy.

5 Kashyyk – The fate of the Wookies is with you

Kashyyk is a thriving forest scientist who suffers from the enslavement of the Wookies by the evil Czerka Corporation. Here, you can enjoy one of the game’s most impactful side quests where you decide whether you want to free the Wookies from the tyranny of Czerka, or eliminate them in captivity.

while you Could you Complete the game without involving yourself in Czerka’s crimes, this planet will have lasting repercussions on your party members for the rest of the game, as you can choose to forgo Zaalbar if you’re drawn to the gravity of the Dark Side.

4 Dxun – Forest Moon in Onderon

The second most famous jungle moon in Star Wars, Dxun is full of remnants of war and now serves as a haven for the last of the Mandalorians after their defeat during the Mandalorian Wars. The sinister wildlife and ancient tombs of Dxun are excellent proofing grounds for The Exile to earn the trust of the Mandalorians via a series of brief side quests.

Returning here at the end of the game hints at Dxun’s continued importance in the game’s backstory and her immediate struggle as she fends off the Sith and pushes them out of Fereydun Nad’s tomb.

3 Lehun – The Unknown World

Also known as Rakata Prime, This peaceful planet is covered with beaches, green hills, and mighty temples of an ancient race called Rakata. The way you treat Rakata here will have huge repercussions for you and your party.

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The penultimate location in KOTOR, Lehon provides a pivotal moment for players to let go of their options to date and fully embrace the Light Side or fall into the Dark Side. This moment alone can completely change the ending of your game and your available companions, for better or worse.

2 Malakor V, The Broken World

The last planet of KOTOR 2, Malachor V brings The Exile’s war-torn past to the fore, as a final testing ground for you to defeat your demons or surrender to their power. Unlike other planets, you are completely alone on Malachor as your group has been expelled and scattered in a crash landing.

Malachor is a daunting challenge if you’re not properly prepared, emphasizing the importance of applying lessons learned throughout your journey to get you to your destiny safely in Trayus Core.

1 A fierce fire – beware the smuggler moon

A blazing fire that perfectly captures what it means to be surrounded by people, yet totally alone. The Smuggler’s Moon is teeming with gangsters, bounty hunters, and refugees, all living in fragile harmony.

The importance of Deadly Fire cannot be underestimated as it contains solutions to many story series, many open missions and inspiration from the crime lord, GOTO, which will change your perspective to the galaxy. Nar Shaddaa is also the site where you can train various companions to be Jedi, strengthening it as one of your primary hubs for any game.

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