DPVR partners with ArborXR to offer remote management of VR headsets

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May 12 2022 – DPVRA Shanghai-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of virtual reality devices announced that it has entered into a partnership with Arbor XRwhich is a platform for managing augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) devices and distributing content.

DPVR says it has chosen to partner with ArborXR in order to address some of the challenges it faces when deploying multiple VR headsets across organizations. The ArborXR platform allows organizations to easily manage and deploy content updates across multiple VR headset devices, even when they are distributed in different locations.

ArborXR software can now be installed on DPVR’s Class P standalone headset, enabling companies to manage a fleet of hundreds, even thousands of VR devices and publish XR content remotely.

AR/VR Management Platform for ArborXR with DPVR Headset.

DPVR says that adding ArborXR software functionality to the standalone P1 VR headset opens up a number of possibilities, thanks to the various customization options available with the DPVR headset. System integrators, software developers, training companies, and government departments have the option to choose specific hardware add-ons for DPVRs, including heart rate monitors, 5G mobile connectivity, and eye-tracking components. All of these hardware add-ons greatly increase the development potential of enterprises, but can still be easily managed with ArborXR software, according to DPVR.

Businesses using DPVRs with ArborXR software installed can now take advantage of these remote management capabilities. For example, healthcare providers can deploy standalone virtual reality headsets across hundreds of clinics, schools, and educational institutions that can have multiple headsets in all classrooms, and companies can distribute health and safety materials or training to their employees around the world in a matter of minutes.

“We created ArborXR by listening carefully to our customers and their challenges. We have dedicated ourselves to identifying and solving the core challenges of XR fleet expansion: managing devices, publishing content, and creating a focused user experience. We are working towards a future where XR is not a distraction but is used as a tool to bring time back into focus. “We are excited to work with DPVR to make it easier for organizations to manage headsets and expand their VR fleets,” said Will Stackable, ArborXR Founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

“ArborXR is a great partner. Their software takes into account the problems that companies face in real life. Collaboration with ArborXR will greatly help our enterprise customers improve the efficiency of their work,” said DPVR Vice President Derek Liu.

ArborXR’s current clients include Fortune 500 companies, universities, consulting firms, and independent software vendors who use the platform in more than 50 countries.

For more information about DPVR and VR headsets, including P-Series from standalone devices, click here. To learn more about ArborXR and its AR and VR remote device management platform, click here.

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