Doctor Strange 2’s soundtrack features Spoilery’s song titles

Only a few days left Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness appearing for the first time in theaters, Possibility to bring with it Avengers: Endgamelevel surprises at every turn. As fans wait to find out exactly what Marvel Studios has in store for Adventure 28 on the franchise’s big screen, Dr. Gharib 2His promotional tour climaxed as he tried to dance around spoiler.

Recently, Marvel Studios moved towards the theater in Dr. Gharib 2Marketing campaign where the first clips of the film are shown to the public. This includes Strange battle with Gargantos to save America Chavez Combined with a possible look at a Star Wars landmark in an explosion across the multiverse, things will move forward more frantically from here.


even with Lots of new material making its way into the public eyeMarvel does its best to make sure more of the movie’s spoiled secrets remain secret until the right time as the calendar turns to May. Now, while the secrets remain untouched after the latest news surrounding Dr. Gharib 2Thoughts are starting to form about how big this next part will be.

Possible spoilers on the Doctor Strange 2 soundtrack

Music movie reporter Share the full list of titles on Marvel Studios’ official soundtrack. Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Written by Danny Elfman, which will be officially released ahead of the film on May 4.

Some of the song titles relate to explicit moments, like “The Apple Orchard” of Wanda’s time in her cabin in the movie trailers, “Strange Statue” for a statue of an alien variant, and “Gargantos” of the introduction to the space monster in a movie. Others are more obscure, helping to hide the spoilers of the movie until the movie’s debut on May 6.


The full list of all 32 soundtrack titles can be found below:

1. The Multiverse of Madness (2:37)
2. On the Run (2:17)
3. Strange Awakens (0:43)
4. The apple orchard (3:18)
5. Are you happy (1:08)
6. Gargantos (2:50)
7. A Journey with Wong (1:44)
8. Home? (4:08)
9. Strange Statue (1:43)
10. The decision was made (1:14)
11. A cup of tea (3:58).
12. Discovering America (0:47)
13. Hold My Hand (1:14)
14. Battle Time (3:11)
15. Not a monster (2:38)
16. Forbidden Earth (2:29)
17. Court (2:13)
18. They won’t come back (1:00)
19. Stranger things will happen (2:56)
20. Buy Time (3:39)
21- The book of Visanti (2:45).
22. Searching for the Stranger (1:38)
23. Strange Talk (3:32)
24 – Killer symphonies (1:48)
25. Arrival (5:34)
26. The Only Way (2:51)
27. Trust in your own strength (2:54)
28. They will be loved (3:59)
29. Farewell (2:29)
(30) An important question (3:13).
31. The headlines (2:36)
32. An unexpected visitor (0:32)

Music Madness for Doctor Strange sequel?

While this list of titles doesn’t necessarily give anything away from the upcoming MCU saga, some of them do raise some interesting questions about what might happen in the plot.

The book of Vishanti appears in these titles after It has been revealed as the main MacGuffin artifact that Strange is looking for In this sequel Jump Over the Universe. With another track indicating Something to do with the live court Another focused on diving into the MCU introduction to Chavez’ America, there are definitely specific moments in this movie that are provoked by these titles.


After that, things start to get unruly with a few moments that might steal the show throughout this movie.

“Only Way” and “Farewell” can only mean something ominous as the end of the movie approaches, although it’s unclear Whether something happened to Strange or Wanda or anyone else in the heart of the cast. Throw “The Unexpected Visitor” into the mix, which is likely to be a huge surprise during the post-credits scene, and fans will be eager to find out. Who or what will actually be one of the big surprises to end the story.

Looking at this collection of song titles only increases anticipation for the action which will come along with the score of composer Danny Elfman.


Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It will debut in theaters on May 6.