Sacramento students launch conservation projects after writing competition

Sometimes the best lessons students learn in school are the ones they can take from the classroom. That’s what prompted Mira Loma High School science teacher Colin Kelly to start a class-wide assignment 10 years ago. “We often come to school and sit in front of our books and don’t interfere with a part of … Read more

Guest post: Why China is overly primed to achieve 2030 climate goals

It is said that China, which is currently the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, “double“On coal and gas in the wake of a domestic energy crisis and Russian Invasion of Ukraine. China continues to build its own domestic fossil fuels production capacity and strengthen its portfolio to energy importsEven with its acceleration … Read more

New Enzyme Found Only in Compost Set Speed ​​Record to Break Down Plastic

Can take the plastic container that is dumped in the landfill hundreds of years to degrade naturally, but the newly discovered enzyme can devour waste in less than a day. A highly efficient polyester hydrolase, known as PHL7, was recently found in a German cemetery fed through compost. In the lab, researchers found that it … Read more

Ryan Zinke makes his style of ‘energy domination’ over the Montanans

Placeholder while loading article actions Good morning and welcome to The Climate 202! we didn’t have”Elon Musk Calls ESG a scam “on the 2022 climate bingo. What did you have? Tell us at maxine.joselow@washpost.com. But first: Ryan Zinke makes his style of ‘energy domination’ over the Montanans Ryan Zinkwho drove Interior Department under Donald Trump … Read more