Maureen Corrigan recommends four great novels: NPR

Fatima Sabry / IM / Getty Images Fatima Sabry / IM / Getty Images My sense of time is a little fuzzier thanks to the pandemic, so this could be late spring or early summer. The only thing I know for sure is that this combo bag of wonderful books is one I’d like to … Read more

Ann Leary loves scary stories

What books are on your nightstand? My nightstand always has a torn volume of Theodore Rothke’s Collected Poems and story collections by Raymond Carver and John Schaeffer because I love poems and short stories at bedtime, especially when my fellow depression and alcoholics wrote them. I find Rothke’s poems particularly soothing, all the darkness, light, … Read more

Summerville area libraries offer fishing poles, yoga and of course books | News

Somerville – Anyone who thinks no one goes to libraries anymore should visit the Dorchester County Public Library in Old Trolley Road on Wednesday morning, during back-to-back story times. That’s when parents bring their twinkling little ones into a little room tucked away in the corner of the children’s section so that Youth Services librarian … Read more

Food historian and travel writer Cynthia Clambett highlights Midwest grandeur in new book ‘Destination Heartland’ – Chicago Tribune

Cynthia Clampett thinks well of the Midwest. To the extent that “The Heart of the Destination: A Guide to Discovering the Magnificent Past of the MidwestThis is the third book by a food and travel writer focusing on the region. The Chicagoland-area Pittsburgh native has traveled 37 countries on six continents while following her love … Read more

How fractures distort our thinking.” by James C. Zimmering

Two boys working with fractions and mathematical concepts. GT In the 1980s, media attention settled on the dangers of the very popular role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons, as a new cause of psychosis and suicide among teens. The evidence was hard to ignore. A group of teens who played D&D have either committed suicide or … Read more

The biggest differences of copper rule

Warning: Contains spoilers for Lincoln’s attorney season 1. Netflix Lincoln’s attorney The series has brought many significant changes from the book series on which it is based. Lincoln’s attorney It was the second most-watched title on the platform during its debut week, racking up over 45 million watch hours – second only to Ozark season … Read more

The family turns the nursery school adoption journey into a book

East Grand Rapids, Michigan (Wood) – A touching story about a family’s adoption journey in East Grand Rapids is about to be released as a children’s book. The family story captured international attention and spread on social media when an entire kindergarten class attended the adoption ceremony. The story of Michael Clarke Jr. and his … Read more

The romantic type is not worth slandering Elizabeth Conte

Author Elizabeth Conte’s profile for Daily Pilot (under Los Angeles Times) To the chagrin of romantic readers because in her attempt to claim that the already existing (and controversial) genre of literary romance is its own and half-baked publishing house, Conte has snuffed out millions of readers and writers worldwide—a phenomenon sadly common with the … Read more

Can the She-Hulk series escape its comic book versions?

This week Marvel released a file The first full-length trailer For the next nine episodes Strong woman The series and the reactions among fans were certainly mixed. I consider myself a bit of a “Marvel cynic,” so it should come as no surprise that I watched the trailer and was very disappointed. Tatiana Maslany A … Read more