Ann Leary loves scary stories

What books are on your nightstand? My nightstand always has a torn volume of Theodore Rothke’s Collected Poems and story collections by Raymond Carver and John Schaeffer because I love poems and short stories at bedtime, especially when my fellow depression and alcoholics wrote them. I find Rothke’s poems particularly soothing, all the darkness, light, … Read more

Humiliated Hollywood men chase the beloved pizzeria in Cannes

Woody AllenAnd Gerard Depardieu And Johnny Depp All walk into a restaurant. This isn’t the start of a bad joke—the three controversial men loom over a favorite restaurant in the south of France, and have been for years. La Pizza Cresci, a popular place frequented for decades by Hollywood players who have visited Cannes Film … Read more

The 30 Greatest Fleetwood Mac Songs – Ranked! | Fleetwood Mac

30. Keep on Going (1973). A masterpiece from the album Mystery to Me. Written by Bob Welch, Keep on Going sets Kristen McPhee’s voice against an arrangement audibly influenced by the soul music of Philadelphia International Records at the time: dramatic chords loud, dance floor drums. It is unlike anything else Fleetwood Mac registered. 29. … Read more

“Love on the Spectrum US” captures all the magic of the original

Love in the US Spectrum It may lack the glamorous touches of the Australian reality series that inspired it, but in six episodes, the Netflix spin-off embodies all the warmth, honesty, and kindness of its predecessor. the original Love on the spectrum It first aired on Australian ABC TV in 2019 and debuted on Netflix … Read more

Summerville area libraries offer fishing poles, yoga and of course books | News

Somerville – Anyone who thinks no one goes to libraries anymore should visit the Dorchester County Public Library in Old Trolley Road on Wednesday morning, during back-to-back story times. That’s when parents bring their twinkling little ones into a little room tucked away in the corner of the children’s section so that Youth Services librarian … Read more

American theater | Sundance Theatre, Convenience in Power

Artistic director Philip Hemberg, director Lisle Tomei and playwright Quy Nguyen develop work at Sundance in 2012 (Photo by Fred Hayes) The Sundance Theater has not received a proper burial or mass. Not exactly Polyneices’ problem, but still — there wasn’t an official moment to mourn her passing, because somehow in the midst of a … Read more

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‘I was in so much pain’

Haley Khalil has plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. The Sports Illustrated Swimwear Modelwho spent years in physical agony, is finally living a pain-free life after addressing a growing health problem that seems to have no answers. More than 14 doctors and five years later, Khalil He was diagnosed with endometriosisUrethritis and ovarian cysts … Read more