Can anyone in college baseball wipe out Tennessee?

With only four weeks left in the regular season, the college baseball scene is beginning to take shape as competitors separate themselves from the protesters.

However, one team has already separated itself from the field, and it would be surprising to see him exit at any time. Although anything can happen to a diamond.

So, let’s take a look at a handful of teams ready to tour Omaha and make some cool additions to our portfolio.


The Vols are the number one team in the country, and that’s not an argument. It’s an amazing 38-3 and just set an SEC record for the best start in team play, being 17-1 against SEC opponents.

This record is no accident, because the Vols have a knack for all-around diamonds.

Their lineup is as tough as they come. Behind base star Trey Lipscomb, they lead the nation with 93, and Lipscomb has captured 16 of them.

However, they are not just lazy. They are also ranked 18th in batting average, fifth in OBP and fifth in number of runs scored.

If you think their lineup is impressive, just take a look at what the promo team has done. Tennessee leads the country in Team ERA at 2.02 behind three of the best guns you’ll see this year. Chase Burns, Chase Dolander and Drew Beam have been nearly unrepeatable this season, combining for 163 BAA.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the Bulls have the distinction of being the closest in the country at Ben Joyce, who regularly hits 104 mph on the rifle.

This Tennessee team is special, and it would be a shame if they couldn’t finish the season with a title and establish themselves as one of the best college baseball teams of all time.

From a betting perspective, the value has long been gone because the extended range of the Vols made them more favourite. If you got a ticket before April, you’re seated now.

Beavers have been locked in at number two in the country for a while, but the odds show how much of a gap there is between them and the volumes.

Their 32-8 record is not something to be mocked, as Oregon State is a very good team and ranks 20 in team hitting average and ERA.

However, what gives OSU an advantage is its defense. Beavers lead the nation in deployment percentage.

Oregon and Tennessee are the only two teams that seem to be locking in to Omaha. However, the Beavs may be a very safe piece that you can hedge on once they get deep into the CWS.

Pre-season preference might offer some value here.

The Longhorns opened the season as a 750+ favorite to win the National title. However, a combination of upheaval and serious injury weakened that outlook.

Their crime is still what everyone expected. Evan Melendez is tied for the national lead in reptiles and has led a long elite lineup. Texas ranks third in batting average, fifth in crawlers and 12th in number of runs scored.

Although there are no questions about her lineup, it was the Texas rotation that caused the hiccups. Tanner Witt’s loss proved to be a huge blow, as Longhorns couldn’t find consistency behind Pete Hansen.

The Texans will be a team to watch from now on – the squad can shine with the best of them. But can she outperform teams repeatedly?

Let’s not forget that the Longhorns have a victory over Tennesse, so their roof is as high as any despite their escalation issues.

College-baseball-probabilities-choices-predictions-Virginia-Miami-North Carolina-Virginia-Tech-TCU-Texas-Fri-April
Bob Levy / Getty Images. Pictured: Texas pitcher Pete Hansen.

Competitors are undervalued

Teams that are undervalued in the market generally have one thing in common: a great offer. However, the Irish proved to be much more than a heap of big guns.

Their crew, led by John Michael Bertrand, was outstanding, ranking 13th in the country in the ERA Team. Their excellent bet has given them a back-up when the bats are cold, but their squad has gone up against elite competition this season.

Notre Dame swept Florida, Wake Forest, and Clemson. It also took two games from NC State after scoring 19 times in the series.

The Irish’s road to Omaha can be tough, but don’t sleep on them.

Just like the Irish, what makes vitriols dangerous is their rotation. For my money, the Zags have the best three-man rotation in the country behind Tennessee.

Although William Kempner has not returned from injury, there is hope he will return this season and bring back the three-headed Zags.

Gabriel Hughes has some of the best things in the country and is fifth in the country in hits while maintaining a 2.42 ERA and .187 BAA.

Behind him stands Tristan Freeling, who is equally obscene. He hit 83 strokes in 61 runs of action and has a 3.38 ERA.

The latter was Kempner, who had been recovering from a finger injury since early March. He was impressive when healthy, boasting a 1.69 ERA in three starts to go along with a 0.218 BAA.

These three came together for a powerful sweep of Oklahoma in March when they announced their presence on the national stage. Since then, they have done nothing but dominate the WCC and even split a chain with Oregon in Corvallis.

If Kempner can get back before the end of the season, the Zags are a legitimate dark horse.