Cam Jurgens: The Position the Seahawks Need

The Seattle Seahawks They need to improve their offensive line in 2022. And you know who could do that right away? Cam Jurgens. The lightweight center where he was born, bred and educated Nebraska Cornhuskers The country is heading towards NFL Project And move everything and everyone who gets in his way.

Jurgens just might be the most explosive offensive lineman in this year’s class. His 4.92 40-yard dash at the reaper turned some heads, but it shouldn’t really shock anyone; He was a 4-star Tight End exit from high school before turning into a full-time hub for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He’s the son of a record-setting track and field athlete — his mom was 12 times of American descent and set multiple state and national records in both bowling and pitching on her way to seven National Championships (!!!) — so suffice it to say that His unique combination of fitness and athleticism is not surprising. And while Tyler Linderbaum was from Iowa Hawkeyes It’s getting all the attention, as the two players posted almost identical The numbers are in their daily bundle/pro performances, with Jurgens actually outselling him in some workouts (40 included), along with having the widest wingspan.

For each draft network:

“Nebraska center, Cam Jurgens, is drafting an NFL game as a development prospect — one that offers a cap to getting started at the pro level and can be a good starter for an attack that executes a lot of Wide area, screen game and mobile pocket concepts. Jurgens makes some of the same appeals that Iowa’s Tyler Linderbaum did in the draft, but it comes in a marginally better size and is supposed to be cheaper. Jurgens is leaving Nebraska State with three consecutive seasons starting in the position and a third-tier All-Big Ten under his belt for 2021 after his new season was postponed in 2018. Jurgens first arrived at Lincoln as a tight end but quickly acclimatized to life in the trenches” .

Seems like a perfect match for Shane Waldron and Andy Dickerson if you ask me. And in case you were worried the guy was just a blocking technician, you obviously haven’t heard that he has a mean streak in him. While he has a few things to clean up – he took 6 penalty kicks in 2021, which is number 15 of all FBS positions – that’s just a fact of his evolving game, and any team drafting the drafts has to work with him in order to shore up his pro style. And I’d say it was all worth it, just to bring an identity back to this offensive line that’s been sorely missing lately. Just watch a play like this against the Sooners and imagine having that level of intensity up front…Playing in NFC West, this team needs a streak factor who doesn’t hold back when lined up across the fronts of the NFC West. Los Angeles ramsAnd San Francisco 49ersAnd Arizona Cardinals.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that the daily bundled and professional shows don’t paint anything close to the whole picture; But why is the scientist so high up on Tyler Linderbaum and so ambivalent toward the Jurgens? The obvious answer is that Linderbaum is planning a day, which is the most prepared prospect for professionals. On the other hand, opinions vary widely on where Cam will end up and how he presents as a professional. Example: Dane Brugler listed him as his 49th overall prospect in the Beast, essentially placing him in the mid-range of the second round. However, the Consensus Board ranked it 103rd in this category, making it a late 3rd/early 4th prospect.. But I think it will be a very valuable choice in the middle of the second round, and absolute theft In the third. Translation: Jurgens is a start in the NFL. I think he will be competing for reps from day one, and it will be impossible to walk off the field by the end of the season, even if he is a year or two away from starting to reveal his true cap.

Looking at his film, you see his striking explosion on display; He’s always the first player to get off the ball (as the center should be) and use his athletic style we will. His lateral speed will do Chuck Knox a smile. But despite his size and speed, he plays as a much larger man. In some ways, his technique is more similar to previous passes for the defensive line than he did to passers earlier – he is technically proficient muler. More on that, but first let’s take a look at some movies. You will see an aggressive player, always attacking, with explosive power in his hands.

To his credit, he played in the toughest NCAA rushing pass conference. According to Pro Football Focus, the Big 10 featured five of the top ten passes to rush out of everyone five energy schools; play games against Michigan Wolverines (the first) , Wisconsin Badgers (the third) , Michigan State Spartans (VI) , Ohio State Buckeyes (VII), and Illinois fighting Illini (The tenth). Not only that, but he also had the opportunity to play against the fearsome fourth seed urgent oklahoma In front of me. He struggled in these games for sure, but he still performed well overall and was able to complete the entire season without letting his bag go. It is able to act as a running blocker and pass protector, although it will probably do better in a passing game in the long run. But no one told him so; or at least, He didn’t tell him twice.

Watching him play, it’s hard for me not to see a little JR Sweezy in him. Admittedly, Sweezy was a man I’ve always loved more than some, even if he had a penchant for bony head (And sometimes expensive) errors. Likewise, this might be the Jurgens’ biggest blow; Outside of concerns about its size/structure, the most quantifiable issue in its game is the penchant for penalties. Such excessive aggressiveness is manifested not only in washing, but also in its susceptibility to loss of balance; When you watch his tape against Oklahoma (Available on YouTube – It’s one of his lowest rated games of the season per PFF, but the highest rated game on his Draft network profile), you can see him really bend into his block sometimes, and when he hits his target, this sometimes works; He is able to maintain contact and shows absolutely no signs of taking off until the whistle. But that also puts him in a position to break off the balance with a stronger, smarter defensive line…you know, the kinds of players he would constantly play against in the NFL. He’s developing his own anchor, and he can still get his shit done, like in the play below against fellow 2022 NFL champion, Perrion Winfrey.

However, I am not overly concerned about any of these issues. What I see in Cam Jurgens is a very stubborn player with a lot of fire You can’t train. Even if the team were to recruit former Kornhusker, they wouldn’t need to rely on him right away if he proved a little tough on day one. The team went out and signed Austin Blythe, who started the games primarily at center and right guard for the Rams while Waldron and Andy Dickerson were still in Los Angeles. However, the team website currently lists him as a goalkeeper, which may not mean much, but it can It means this team is far from finished adding competition to the inside streak. A veteran can always be an option here, but pairing a young position with a new QB (even if the team chooses not to draft/trade one of them this season) is hard to beat. While Cam Jurgens may need some reps to really get his directions, I can’t help but feel that it would be a huge improvement to this offensive line, likely sooner rather than later.