Bodybuilder Brett Wilkin increases his intensity in chest and hamstring training

IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Brett Wilkin Getting ready to give up the life he knew Denver, Coloradofor the sunny condition FloridaWhere opportunity awaits the 34-year-old yeah Sweetened. But before “The Butcher” sets off on his thirty-hour journey through the suburb, He made the two-and-a-half hour drive to the Achieve Fitness Gym in Pueblo, Colorado, in order to exercise Sitting focused on his chest and pampered.

Wilkin uploaded the exercise to his profile A relatively new YouTube channel On April 26, 2022. He and Classic Fitness Athlete Jordan Trip Arthur Went through the glove of heavy pressesAnd chest flyAnd lateral raises. Check out the entire workout session via the video below:

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Wilkin was splitting his time between “The Mile High City” and Stewart, Florida, to train with a colleague BodyBuilding competitor Ian Valier and coach Matt Janssen at Revival Gym. Wilkin also works with the brand Revive and Raw Nutrition, which Jansen co-founded and is based in the Sunshine State. Wilkin’s last show was 2022 Arnold Classic USA, where it took sixth place. He plans to compete again in 2022 to qualify for 2022 Olympiascheduled for December 16-18, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brett Wilkin Chest and Muscle Workout

Check out the full workout session details below:

Breast lift machine sitting in the machine

Wilkin and Arthur precede heavy presses by a few sets of fly machine to Heating The chest And shoulders. Flye الاختلافات differences stretch Walbeck, and that Motion range It creates more mechanical tension in the muscles, which may help hypertrophy stimulation. The exact number of sets and repetitions he performed are not shown. While the chest movement was very useful, Wilkin was eager to jump into it complex exercises.

incline smith machine bench press

Liked by many bodybuilders Smith machine A copy of bench press; Unlike the classic free weight the difference Iron on the rails and move along a predetermined path. The advantages of the Smith machine versus free weights are removed Balance And More as limiting factors. It can often work as a safer alternative when loading a heavier weight.

The weight bench An angle of inclination may emphasize upper chest. Use IFBB Professional Competitor A thumb grip to strengthen him Mind and muscle connection. Wilkin was shown performing a 45-pound set weight plates On each side before dropping to three plates, complete four repetitions, resting for a few seconds, and repeat three more times.

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Hammer Strength Incline Pushup and Dumbbell Lateral Raise

No chest workout is complete without the use of Hammer Strength Variable Compression. Wilkin says that many people do this exercise wrong by keeping their elbows high, which shifts focus to front delts instead of pecs. Wilkin did a single and double record set drop group to failure.

Arch your back, chest up, elbows down, just stroke your back.

The next exercise in Wilkin’s shoulder workout was one he learned from the late bodybuilding legend John Meadows; Combo movement that involves performing a group of sitting Dumbbell side raises With a full range of motion, then capture it instantly heavier dumbbells to Partial reps. This technique operates the lateral head of the deltoid, which helps to create a wide and rounded aesthetic. Wilkin’s partner helped him squeeze the last full reps, but the video showed only one set of this exercise.

Cable side raise and chest cable

Wilkin jumped to side cable lift With a little rest from the previous exercise. They used both sides of the machine and crossed the cables to train both sides simultaneously, keeping constant tension on the deltas.

We did 15-20 reps in all, I’ve seen the biggest growth in my shoulder from that.

Wilkin focused on using a strict formula and Get a good pump on his shoulders. Use the cable wrist attachments Instead of knobs. A single straight set and a double drop set were shown for this movement.

Wilkin added a little spice to his next chest workout with Prime Fitness Kaz handles that taper in diameter to get more Comfortable grip.

It really fills the inside of the chest and that pressure is bad.

Pressing the cable box is a big challenge because it takes a lot stabilityso Wilkin’s arms were trembling as he did the exercise.

Shoulder press and lateral raise

Wilkin hopped on the Hammer Strength shoulder press next to put some volume on his front and lateral muscles. The seat tilt angle provides a more comfortable pressure angle for the shoulders. He had 15 reps in his first set but wanted something more challenging. His following set was implemented as follows:

  • 10 reps
  • 15 seconds rest
  • Set to failure
  • 15 seconds rest
  • Set to failure

Wilkin finished his shoulder session with a brutal finisher most gym-goers would likely hit the trash – 10 reps with a four-second hold at the top, followed by a 20-part with two seconds pauses a isometric contract In the top position for a painful 30 seconds.

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Brett Wilkin Chest and Muscle Workout

Below are all the exercises in the same order that Wilkin performed during the exercise. Due to the video editing, the exact number of groups and actors for each movement has not been confirmed.

  • Breast lift machine sitting in the machine
  • Smith chest press machine
  • Hammer Strength . Incline Press
  • Dumbbell lateral raise
  • Lifting cables across the side body
  • Cable chest press
  • shoulder press machine
  • Standing Side Lifting Machine

Brett Wilkin brings him training intensity. His upcoming move to Florida will likely amplify his drive to climb the open ranks. We’ll see if that culminates in qualification for the 2022 Olympia.

Featured Image: brett_wilkin on Instagram