Auburn Twitter rages on Julian Phillips to Vols

Fan bases grumbling about a recruiter following money when committing to a rival school now seem hollow with no money to take her out in the open. That hasn’t stopped the Auburn Tigers fan base Basketball Tennessee After landing the five-star Julian Phillips last week.

Also, the school that hired Bruce Pearl immediately after his show expired, which he got for an NCAA violation in UT that resulted in him being expelled, and then probation for violations under Pearl, should never lecture anyone about morals. Again, though, Auburn is rude.

One look on Twitter last week shows that they think zero money is unethical and wrong if it doesn’t lead to a player coming to them. Just take a look at a few of these tweets directed at basketball in Tennessee regarding Phillips’ decision to stick.

Suddenly, Phillips is not from the elite because he chose the other school. Also, there is clearly an “ethical” method of giving zero money that is not described. Again, though, Auburn is the last SEC teacher to lecture about ethics in basketball now that Will Wade is gone.

Perhaps the funniest thing is that many Tiger fans have tried to tie the money to Phillips’ potential in the NBA. They inaccurately criticized Rick Barnes’ record of producing NBA draft odds compared to Pearl’s, using highly selective data in the process.

This was even an issue Auburn was making before Phillips chose the volume. They already had their excuse ready to go if they lost in the Five Star Pavilion. This tweet illustrates it based on highly misleading statistics.

Although there is conversation about Barnes’s positioning of young players in the league, it’s ludicrous to use his track record compared to Pearl’s. After all, we’re talking about the guy who trained Kevin Durant.

Just looking at Barnes’ time with basketball in Tennessee is funny. The program was a mess when he took office, hampering his ability to recruit, so he couldn’t even get first-class men until 2019. Until then, he’s had a four-star commitment in four years, Yves Ponce.

Note that they did not compare Barnes’s track record with Vols to Pearl’s with Vols, as Pearl only produced one draft pick for his entire stint at Rocky Top. This will actually ruin their talking point, so the facts don’t matter.

Instead, they chose to use the smallest possible sample size to slightly favor Pearl and Auburn and then attacked Phillips by claiming they followed more NIL money, which is perfectly legal and cannot even be proven. Their anger at basketball in Tennessee is funny and hypocritical.