Akamai announces new products in the areas of security and computing

Akamai announced a series of new products and updates to existing products across its security and account product lines, including its entry into the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market.

Linode Managed Database is Akamai’s first IaaS product, and the company says this offering will make database deployment more straightforward, help developers reduce risk, increase efficiency, and reduce the complexity associated with manual management of production database clusters.

Additional product offerings include Audience Hijacking Protector Edition and a host of other new features for developers and cybersecurity professionals.

“This week’s product announcements and updates are all about one thing: powering and protecting life online,” says Ari Weil, global vice president of product marketing at Akamai.

“We rely on internet services more than ever before, and at Akamai, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with tools to help deliver digital experiences quickly and securely.

“We are particularly pleased to launch Linode Managed Database, the first product in our new computing suite, giving our customers access to a wide range of tools regardless of their computing workloads, and making Akamai the world’s most distributed computing platform, from cloud to edge, adds Wille. .

Linode . Managed Database

Linode says managed databases have been the product most requested by its customers, and the Linode Managed Database service marks Akamai’s first product launch in its line of business after its acquisition of Linode in March.

Furthermore, Akamai says this offering furthers its mission to develop a world-leading cloud-to-edge computing platform.

The product launch will see Akamai introduce Linode’s managed database for MySQL across all 11 Linode global data centers.

Additionally, the offering will include support for PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB, available in the second quarter of 2022.

Features of each supported managed database include fixed rates, security and recovery measures, flexible deployment options, and high availability pool options.

Audience Hijacking Protector and other security features

Akamai says Audience Hijacking Protector is designed for online businesses to increase revenue opportunities and reduce marketing fraud in the buying journey.

Referring to the rapidly growing pace of online retail, the company says audience kidnapping is a new, widespread phenomenon from customers that security teams for online brands are facing.

Audience hijacking is the presence of unauthorized ads and pop-ups designed to lure shoppers away from online stores, resulting in lost revenue for the online brand.

In addition, Akamai revealed several new application security features aimed at helping companies protect customers from threats across all online environments, such as Internet browsers and mobile applications, during API interactions and at the edge.

Workflow improvements for developers with EdgeWorkers

Recognizing that many computing workloads are shifting to the edge, Akamai is also working to improve the EdgeWorkers product. This offering allows development teams to leverage the Akamai network to build microservices and access a secure, fast-acting account at the edge.

New integrations, as well as higher resource tier limits and support for clients using standard TLS, will see developers able to create, implement, and debug EdgeWorkers functionality more easily.

Hello the new Akamai from Akamai! The sandbox environment for prototyping is now available to anyone interested in trying EdgeWorkers.